A gaming thread for 2019



Started playing Resident Evil 7 in VR. Almost quit before you even get in the house - just that sliver of light you know is gonna be extinguished the moment you step inside gave me massive anxiety! Would really love Gone Home or something like that in VR so I could enjoy the experience of poking around these places without my heart in my mouth the whole time!


@colossalhorse I am finally getting into Hollow Knight a bit more. They really should give you wall jump a bit earlier.


You’re not wrong there. You don’t get a double jump for bloody ages either which really ought to be a basic right on a platformer. It gets better as it goes along but if you’re not as enamoured with the aesthetic as I was I can imagine it being a slog to get to the good bits.


Going by what you’re saying, I think I got the same ending (partly bc the game doesn’t always make the choices that clear: one of the branching paths offers dialogue choices that are virtually the same but have totally different outcomes and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees).

On the plus side, if you fancy playing the DLCs; they work quite well with that bleak ending, because they kind of work (or did in my own personal “head-canon” or whatever word the nerds use nowadays) as a story of redemption. They’re also great and better than the main story (imo)


I only heard about this recently, but I’m very intrigued. Never played a Swery game (Deadly Premonition always struck me as being way too much of a Twin Peaks homage, and the other one was XBox exclusive and never finished, right?) but my interest is always peaked by what I read, so I’m glad this is coming to PS4 so I can indulge in the weirdness from the comfort of my bed.


Don’t root all the birds!


Oh DP was so indebted to Twin Peaks, but it was still obvious that Swery had something ya know? Some strong quirk of character that was entirely his own. Quietly excited to see where this goes!


Team, I’m at that point in Nier where you fight horde after horde of copy-and-paste enemies. More specifically, some side-scrolling castle I travelled through a forest to reach. Feeling no compulsion whatsoever to play - when does the story get gripping? I mean, I liked the settlement after the amusement park but I’m not feeling any sort of story hook yet.


Yeah I completely agree with all of this. The game play is incredibly well designed and optimised so that each game is unique and different. I like how the weapon drops and storm force you to work out a strategy and approach each time. Once you get your head around the quirky controls and shooting then it’s a huge amount of fun.

Also agree about the sensible pricing strategy


Work has eased up a bit recently and consequently I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch again.

Brigitte :heart_eyes:

Tried to get into Fortnite. I don’t really get it.


Brigitte is so fun. Also love her character design, and her spray where she’s riding the cat.

My fav support now.


Her and Moira have really improved the support class, there’s actually a choice of fun, viable options now when the rest of the team are determined to be Hanzo/Genji/those other pricks. Mace to the face!


Lucio is now A LOT more fun since the wall running changes. Also Mercy is way more fun than she used to be, although not quite as strong. I feel like the game has deffo improved over the past 2 years, all the changes have been good ones and healthy for the game.

My current ‘main’ pool is pretty varied now as a result.
DPS: Tracer, Doomfist, Soldier76
Defense: Junkrat, Trobjorn
Tank: Roadhog, Orissa, D-Va
Support: Briggit, Moira, Ana

I will play pretty much everyone though, except Symmetra, never enjoyed Symmetra


Too late!


Good point, completely forgot about the DLCs - will get onto that


(though I will admit I gave it a bit due to Witcher overkill, cause the dlcs amount to basically the entire game again in size)


Speaking of overwatch heres a replay I’m quite happy with :smiley:


I get choice paralysis when picking now, but it’s good because you can wait to see how imbalanced the team is and then try and fill in the gaps. Love Symettra but she still only feels viable on a few maps, which is a shame because she’s probably who I’m best at (hate aiming).


Oh and this, basically I like blowing entire teams up


This was my reaction. It didn’t grab me at all. I gave up not far past the point where you are. Yes I know, you have to replay it to appreciate the narrative complexity, clever structure, blah blah blah, but it was just plain boring.