A gaming thread for 2019





I play suicide Junkrat. Mostly on offense and will jump into the middle of fights and kill people because I have a backbone

I dont hide and spam bombs


Good! The reason I main Pharah is because she’s good at flushing out Junkrats who are hiding and spamming bombs. Also good for harassing Widowmakers.


I ended up picking up Offworld Trading Company after trying the free weekend. Great little economic RTS. I’ve really enjoyed my time with it so far.

Not been in the mood for console gaming recently


Finished the dungeon in Skull Woods in Link to the Past. Got stuck for ages at a dead end here:


…where you can see a room to the north on the map, but there are no switches or cracks to bomb open.

Turns out you just hit the wall and a door appears. Nowhere else is this a thing, you can’t just cut doors into walls!






But you must be like me who alwas ALWAYS ends up hitting the wall out of frustration when i cant immediately think of a solution. I assumed everyone did


I guess you’re cutting the vines to reveal the door behind.

But yeah games that introduce things like that that are not used elsewhere in the game with no explanation are annoying. I remember being stuck in Okami trying to find a hidden bead for ages and it turns out you had to ‘fill in’ the missing eye of a statue thing. Nowhere else is that a thing.


So I picked up GOD OF WAR: GRUMPY DAD at the weekend and sunk a couple of hours in yesterday.

Initial impressions are positive, I can certainly see what all the fuss is about.
+It looks gorgeous
+interactions between father and son are consistent and believable (I am tempted to start referring to my daughters each as GIRL from now on) and the whole plot-evolves-as-you-progress-through-the story thing works very well. Reminds me a fair bit of Last of Us and that’s a big positive for me.
+The combat is great fun. Very much nails the sweet spot between action-rpg and ‘brawler’. Making the axe fly back into your hand doing lots of damage on its way is very satisfying.

-This is a very personal one for me but I’m just not that into playing bald, bearded, grumpy white men. I am one; it’s not much for me in terms of escapism: I much prefer crafting a character who is different to me. Admittedly I am not a god, but I have exactly the same interactions with regards to my offspring leaving their socks lying around the house as Kratos does with his son leaving daggers lying around the forest.


I absolutely caned The Witcher this weekend. Can’t get involved in the discussions above as i’m at the Final Preparations stage. Wow, things really heated up right? Many feelings were felt.


I did in my first Zelda game (Link’s Awakening) before I really got to grips with the game. But as a sophisticated grownup I use reason and logic and it gets me nowhere


When in doubt hit the thing is an important life lesson that id hoped youd have learnt by now


The thing about GOW I’m most keen to experience is the seamless narrative. Having the story scenes woven into the real-time action seems a game changer. That, alongside BOTW’s approach to true open world exploration, could become the big new leaps in single player quests.


Didn’t Half Life 2 do this?

“Hi Gordon! I’ve got 5 minutes of exposition to get through so if you wouldn’t mind just standing there while I ramble on at… wait… where are you going?”

Freeman starts running around the Hanger lobbing crates everywhere with the gravity gun


I guess so, yeah. I often missed those hints by just wandering off and whacking an air vent to death with a crowbar. But the reviews all seem to suggest this is next level shit. Not played it, so can’t comment. But seems the cut scenes are almost woven into your combos and movement?


Yes and no, the trick gets very tedious at parts because sometimes you just want to explore but you are forced into a sequence whilst it loads in the world, but when it pulls it off it’s mind blowing. Especially when you experience boss battles that span an entire continent.

LIKE I GET IT! I need to slowly walk at this bit because u haven’t worked ur magic but please!"


I’ve taken to calling Nier Automata “Nier Or Tomato” instead


I say “oh tomato” like a yorkshire man surprised to see a tomato


This looks pretty, but it’ll have to do more than just be a generic FPS to justify it


I have purchsed the pink Mercy skin. It’s cool af. Better start playing her more now.