A gaming thread for 2019



I want the skin. I will buy the skin. Glad all proceeds go to charity


Still working my way through Horizon Zero Dawn and enjoying it more now that I’m a bit better with the different weapons.

Think doing every possible sidequest in the first region has led to me being massively over-levelled though. I haven’t got to Meridian yet and I’m at level 30. Didn’t stop the electrifying crow from fucking me right up.


Might buy a Switch for flying/business trips.

Probably won’t, but might.


playing zelda 2 on a NES emulator, might be the most infuriating game i’ve ever played. think it’s the only one i’ve never beaten so i’m determined to do it (and without save states) but it’s just constant :rage: :rage: :rage:



I think I managed even less of Zelda 2 than I did the original, and that’s saying something!


i did the first one with a guide but those games were really made to be played with nintendo power and helplines, etc. some things are literally impossible to figure out. zelda 2 is a little bit less obtuse but much more infuriating.


I think Legend of Zelda came with a map, which probably made it possible to complete without help if you’re a masochist. Trying to do it on the GameCube without was a non starter.


Whoa whoa whoa, why would you do that to yourself bud?


because i’m not already angry enough?


Can’t believe you didn’t get on with Dark Souls, tbh.


It’s EXCELLENT for things like this. Really makes boring journeys go way quicker. And if it’s a work trip you can pack the dock into your bag and thus have a full console in the hotel TV!


Eurogamer are saying State of Decay 2 is “more of the same”. It’s kinda wound me up as it was a pretty original zombie game play. Loved the systems in it. It just needed multiplayer and a de-jank.


Sounds like “more of the same” is a good thing for you then?


Yup, more of the same with co-op and less jank is great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with a winning formula. Adding co-op is enough of a game change for a sequel.


Fuck that crow! I remember thinking it was weird that my ropes weren’t landing because it was clearly in range, then realising that it was actually far away and just fucking massive.


Why are you offended if it is more of the same and they call it more of the same? If it is more of the same woth co op then its an accurate review


Not offended per-say, it read as argumentative for augmentative sake. They talk like it’s a negative but in fact as a big fan of the first game they’ve given me EXACTLY what I wanted.


Be happy. Statr of decay 1 was great and more of that os reat news! It migjt not be for everyone but for you it is so set you gague to excited


Thanos emotes in Fortnite are cracking me up big time. Really like the new game mode and hope they keep it on for a while.


Blue hole nust be looking at Fortnite and wonder where it all went wromg… not having a game that does little to nothing to stop hackers from loot farming for financial gains might have had something to do with it. Also releasing the xbone version of PUBG in the state it was