A gaming thread for 2019



found this an interesting take on the whole scenario


Hey guys

The reverse of a delay has happened


this bit nearly made me pee https://youtu.be/MgHyuiVOGZ4?t=4m12s


Tried Statik on the ol’ VR and it’s an amazingly physical experience. Your hands are trapped in a puzzle box type gizmo and you have to investigate its various functions by turning it around and pressing buttons etc. You’re strapped to a chair in a lab so it’s perfect for being sat on the sofa. Really good use of VR’s potential and a lot of fun too.


Far Cry’s AI jank is sometimes bloody marvelous


aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone.


I keep thinking about getting that SNES mini thingy (purely for the JRPGs and Mario Kart tbh)


I guess the, “what’s popular? Let’s do that!” model doesn’t always work out. Feel bad for their employees but it seems like it was a terribly run studio.


Poorly ran. Cliffy B spent a lot of the time being his own worst enemy amd built up a lot of bad will and the studio had incredibly bad luck when it came to the lqunch window of LawBreakers as it was sandwiched between Overwatch and PUBG which dominated the streaming/multiplayer markets


That was incredibly bad luck tbf. But whilst I hear Lawbreakers was pretty decent realistically they would have needed something truly exceptional to get enough of that Overwatch money to keep afloat even without PUBG rising out of nowhere.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux comes out this week (Thursday vie eShop, Friday physical) and I am here for it

Am gonna hold off buying it until it’s in a sale though (as a matter of principle) - unless you can use Nintendo penoid coins for a discount, in which case takemymoney.jpg

Really feeling Etrian Odyssey V, it’s so pretty and nice just wandering around a lovely forest drawing maps with your anime D&D chums

Man, the 3DS is just basically an RPG machine - and I haven’t even tried Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest or Bravely Default yet :+1: (and DS Chrono Trigger is compatible too)


Rocket League is in the Humble Bundle this month if you pay more than a tenner, which should interest some people


People should also be excited for Duck Game, and no I’m not trying to do a username joke, that game is legit amazing fun 4 player couch multiplayer.


Stalker 2. Battlefield V. Rage 2.

Everything leaking early pre-E3? Seems weird to announce all these things so close to me. Guessing word got out so they just got on with it… Might avoid gaming sites from now on to still have a couple of surprises.


finished the second playthrough of Nier U Wot M8er, wasn’t 100% expecting the third playthrough to essentially be a sequel (or at least it seems that way at this point); doesn’t feel like I’ve been playing it for over 40 hours, though I will concede the whole hack-and-slash combat / bullet hell thing is starting to wear a tad. I, personally, do enjoy the world and the story’s weird satirical tone / weird narrative style / etc.


Didn’t know about this. Quite excited given that (a) I have memories of playing the first one and enjoying it (though I was too young to really appreciate it at the time / my laptop wasn’t totally up to snuff so didn’t get particularly far) and (b) I’m more knowledgeable about the film (which I know it’s only very loosely based on but ya know, it’s a sick setting ay it)


just googled and Stalker 2 is due out in 2021 apparently, and tbh I think I may well be less keen on escaping into a barren post-apocalyptic bleakscape as a Briton in the early 2020s


Don’t get too excited - it was announced before and never materialised. I don’t know the exact details but the original studio splintered and bits of them periodically try and cash in on the Stalker name. It might happen but announcing it 3 years in advance doesn’t fill me with confidence tbh.



First Sea of Thieves now this. Cmon Microsoft man, those 2 games were open goals.



But Microsoft continue to ride the goodwill train on the hardware side of things

IF ONLY they had the games, the Xbox is a fantastic prospect otherwise with a ‘netflix of gaming’ and incredible job polishing old games like SSX 3 to looks bloody amazing.


Might actually buy this soon, I’m sure I can get it under a tenner on eBay: