A gaming thread for 2019



Gonna play some Overwatch tonight for the first time in about 6 months. Not comp though as that stressed me out too much. Not been following anything about it so will probably have no idea what’s going on. Think the last time I played Junktown had just come out. Quite excited.


Brigitte is A Lot of fun. Eslecially if you cannot be arsed to aim


Had a dream last night where I tried Overwatch. Still not going to, am I.


Also this is so cool


Just put the disc in. “Please wait while this 22 Gb update downloads from the always speedy Psn”. Might put the kettle on.


When you get that, it makes me wonder why they bother with discs at all any more.


I guess the disc’s just a physical license really. Also forgot that my ps plus membership has lapsed. This is turning into a right faff, should have just played Zelda!


Forgotten how much I enjoy saving suicidal Hanzos :neutral_face:

Also, get on voice chat:

Me: “Let’s try to work together guys”
Team: “…dog barkschild screams in Spanish…”


Cool ad for overwatch.

Play Overwatch, it’s great


This week in gaming outrage: OH NO! THERE ARE WOMEN IN BATTLEFIELD V! WOMEN!!!

No DLC or lootboxes apparently. If the women scare all the basement dwellers away as well I might actually jump in on this.




Mini n64… ooooooh






Only a registered trademark BUT… soon


Probably no goldeneye though :confused:


why? obviously a mini n64 just needs:

mario kart
pilot wings (fight me)


People who own trademarks n shit. Also no rare games probably


And Zelda and wave race


both allowed