A gaming thread for 2019



no it’s not


tho i wouldn’t be surprised if that was a secret announcement they’re saving for E3. clearly enough people want it.


New Vegas yes

Fallout 3 aka the bad one?

Actually is 4 the bad one? Wait no… New Vegas is the only good one. That’s right

Uhhhhh not in the mood for more fallout, would’ve rather had another Elder Scrolls game or new IP. I will skip this one.


I reallly REALLY immensely disliked 4. 3 was fine.


they seem to want to pretend NV never existed, so no, i doubt they’d do anything with that


It’s their ego! Fuck me, they really hate the fact that the Obsidian one is widely considered the best by a massive margin by most.


Survival horror game in a vault, please


That would be good, actually.

That please.


(someone posted this on Waypoint but I’d been thinking it myself anyway; that or full-on atmospheric walking sim)


I’m up for more, but then I skipped Fallout 4 so I’m not as fatigued as y’all.

Kotaku seems to think it’s some kind of online game but don’t seem to have anything more than that. I do hope it’s not. I like wandering the wastes alone.


Best part of Fallout 4 was making a basketball court. You made the right choice


Fallout 4 was very frustrating in the way it didn’t allow you to actually craft your own story with it. Was so into it for ages playing through by infiltrating the Institute and bringing them down from the inside but then you were forced into game decisions that fundamentally undermined your playthrough. Did my head in.

Also, I’m still bitter that it didn’t let me fuck Nick Valentine after I’d put in all the work to max out my relationship with him.


Nick Valentine also the best part of FO4


One of these days I’ll pick it up, mod the living bejesus out of it and pretend I’m playing some lost, experimental Fallout that got shelved before release. I think I’ll be a lot more forgiving then.




Apparently people in the know are saying that this is almost defo an online game



Ahm oot.


He’s just tweeted again

I think it’s really important to reiterate this: Anyone who spends the next two weeks expecting Fallout: 76 to be a new traditional single-player RPG will be VERY disappointed kotaku.com/bethesda-ann…

Seems pretty confident in that. And Kotaku are very good at disclosing confirmed fact as rumours as they don’t accept embargos so will announce stuff way before it’s official.