A gaming thread for 2019



Multiplayer survival game where you gather resources, make bases, kill each other etc. etc. etc.


That’s true but they dominate the discourse and normalise the idea of insane hyperbolic backlash


Also I really enjoyed fallout 4 for what it’s worth. I play those games to enjoy wandering through busted up ruins and collect rusty tins of spaghetti anyway, there were a bunch of good characters, the shooting felt better and I enjoyed the schlocky plot twist near the end.


Spoilers ffs!

I didn’t know there was spaghetti to collect.


Slight irkage because I spent a good while finishing the Speed Star side-quest in Nier: Automata (admittedly after finding out a solid way to CHEAT) and then realised I couldn’t save the progress bc I’d decided I wanted to enter debug mode and make the music permanently 8-bit


Easily one of the most enjoyable things I did in F4 was build a basketball court just so I could take ahold of Mama Murphy’s drug-addled corpse and dunk her for 2 points. The whole town follows you if you drag her around, so they all came courtside to watch me.


This is the beginning of the end for E3, isn’t it? What’s the point of it if everything is announced a month before it starts?


Nah. It’s still super exciting and fallout isn’t the be all and end all.


I hope you’re right. Couldn’t care a less about Fallout myself, but imagine a lot of these leaks to date were meant for E3. Guess we’ll see soon enough.


E3 will be big as long as new consoles are announced there. Plus it’s hands on and interviews for lots of journalists


These leaks have been no bigger than any other year. And E3 isn’t just for the masses, it’s an industry event.


Eh I’d argue there have been a lot more ‘leaks’ being confirmed by studio’s this time around. But yeah you always get the rumblings of these games, just not usually immediately confirmed by studios.


Never quite got all the love for NV. I liked a lot of the side stuff, like the Super Mutants chilling in a ski lodge, but the main story was pretty dull, Caesar’s Legion were a bit silly, and the ending was rubbish, unless you are a fan of running for ages along boring brown bridges. Say what you like about Fallout 3, at least it had a fifty foot tall robot that shot lasers out of it’s eyes.


Fancied a quick go of overwatch. Over 20 GB update, wtf? I thought my PlayStation was meant to download these while in rest mode?


I spent ages trying to do that side quest, kept just failing. hadn’t realised that I could swap my chips around to make 2B faster. didn’t even realise til well late in the game that you could buy more slots for chips either, made it so much harder for myself :man_facepalming:


swap Overwatch for Gran Turismo Sport and that’s me earlier this evening. and then after it downloaded it spent ages copying. and then installing. and then it didn’t seem to work so I had to reboot my PS4 as well. could have done that all while I was at work ffs.

well worth it in the end, did a race round Monza with 20 old Fiat 500s, doing 4 minute laps. rolled it in the gravel twice :sunglasses:


On the free version of pro evo 2018 instead and it is infuriating how many screens you have to click through before and after a game. The loading and matchmaking times are ridiculous too. Fuck better graphics on the PS5 just sort out super fast load times and I’ll buy twelve.


I equipped a pod program called ‘slow’: as soon as the race starts, hit L2 or whichever trigger it is and bang he’s stalled for a good coupla seconds. Felt like a bit of a dickhead though, being praised after each race having flagrantly cheated


I think this is what is wrong with world - online gaming is making people very angry. So many teams filled with superstars or built around one inexplicably unstoppable striker and the tactics fiddled around with to maximise that player getting the ball.

When I were a nipper making a substitution in sensi soccer was borderline illegal and don’t get me started on our strict subbuteo rules.


Just beat Axiom Verge. Man that’s a funny old game to figure out. First half I was thinking it was better than Super Metroid. Then it became INSANELY frustrating and I almost threw my controller out of the window. Then it introduced a last couple of awesome ideas that change the way you play it and ended with a brilliant boss.

All in all, pretty staggering achievement given it was all made by one guy.