A gaming thread for 2019



Put on a podcast (or fully functoning internet radio built into game with stations sorted by regionn) whilst driving across Holland trucking some girders? Its so relaxing, even nails the sound of rain hitting your windscreen.


Boy oh boy I sure can’t wait to use this evening to playthrough some of my backlog

overwatch bug bites




This might be… I wonder if… How does this stuff… As career moves go… It could work… I… I… DOES NOT… COMPUTE


TBF Sonic is still HUGE in childrens markets. Pretty everything with his name on it is a success, it’s just not a cultural icon anymore


Disappointed that Sonic will be a cgi character. I thought when they said live action, the whole thing was live action


Can you imagine his amazing jawline (complete with stubble) jutting out of a sonic suit?! Coulda been its saving grace! And that makes me think they should have some sort of middle-age, down-on-his-luck Sonic who simply can’t keep up any more due to his failing libido (an apt metaphor!). Then they could reimagine his depression as a zone whose inescapable architecture leads nowhere and eventually drives him to attempt suicide. Gritty reboots are in vogue aren’t they?!


i downloaded The Evil Within and am a bit underwhelmed. worth continuing with?


Maybe to see how silly it gets. That’s the only reason I kept going! Never found it scary in the slightest. Second one’s a lot better apparently.


oh does it go full on stupid? maybe i will read about it online and cut my losses


From what I remember it goes all in ad absurdum - the whole conceit of the game means they can do whatever they like and justify it with the whole kerazy thing. That’s probably a good idea though - I had the time to waste but you might not!


I wasn’t a fan. Enjoyed the sequel though.


Played Hitman today for the first time in absolutely ages. Love that game.



Gonna start a new XCom 2 run soon, Classic Honestman, War of the Edgelords, with a ton of mods to up the ante. Was thinking I’d use DiS regs as my overwatch crawlers and throw the odd report up on here. Let me know if you have any requests aesthetic-wise - I’ve got enough stuff to make you look like whatever (see below). As far as classes go, you can choose from Sniper, Shotgun Man, Minigun Man, Nerd, Rifle Man, Ninja or Flamethrower Man.




What do we think people… start up a new E3 thread as it’s a week away or just consign the Gaming chat to the Gaming 2018 and Switch threads?


seperate thread imo


Deffo seperate thread


please make me your sniper man


Can I be a shotgun man pls? They either last forever and become unstoppable murder gods or die in the first few missions. I’ll take those odds.