A gaming thread for 2019



Glad i made such an impact. Good work team


I want to get Binding of Isaac. The Rebirth version for the vita is £12 and the Afterbirth version for the Switch is £30. Is it worth the extra £18 for the Switch version?


Depends how much u want to play it portably.


I meant more content-wise. The vita and the Switch are both portable :wink:


it’s one of the best games ever and it’s free?


i feel quite personally attacked it’s being given away



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this is abuse. mods


anyone played cities skylines? i’ve started and scrapped about five cities since i got it last weekend for ps4. i really like it but it’s murder trying to sort out the traffic congestion and garbage/emergency access after i get past 5000 pop. any tips?


This is really a subject where Google is your best friend. There’s loads of beginners guides to building road networks/managing traffic around, but it’s difficult to know which is best. Read a few and do your best to start to start to follow some of the tips/guidelines and you’ll soon start to get the hang of it.



Build more Highways


e3 leaks are getting weirder




cheers peeps. dug this up, gonna try some SUPER BLOCKS :heart_eyes:




I have no idea what I’m looking at, but I understand silver medals!


89% hook accuracy is ridic on roadhog


I’m going to level with you, I wasn’t looking for an explanation, nor do I understand it :slight_smile:


Is the road hog a motorbike?