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Drowned in XCom Report Two

War of the Chosen allows you to send operatives off on covert missions, to better your chances in the main game. Once the Resistance Ring is built, grizzled minigun operator Twinkletoes and newly trained nerd Epimer are the first to be deployed in this manner, sent out to find some coke dealers.

As expected, the next mission is a Chosen-led retaliation against a critical resistance-held trailer park. The Chosen are essentially the alien occupation’s Team Rocket. For whatever reason, the one that always turns up first for me is Meowth.

I usually have zero problems with this guy. This time, in his first turn, Meowth OHKs Duck. In his second, he OHKs Darwin Dude.

He narrowly avoids OHKing Jamos, thanks to Antpocalypse’s timely deployed Defence Protocol.

Finally the shotgun-wielding Bugduv and Jamos close the gap on him and manage to send the chucklefuck packing, at least for now. Both Duck and Dude receive medical attention in time, but the former is out for the month and the latter is traumatised by the experience.

Advent have built a sweet pad for their officers out near Whitehorse. The next mission is to sneak out there and take one of them out. Our mark obligingly steps out for a smoke, and is surprised when our team unsportingly step out of the bushes and murder him. Our team is then set upon from all directions from the security detail. Epimer manages to avoid taking damage, but Jamos is the recipient of radiation burns to the testicles. Our prize ninja gets his revenge.

We next have the chance to raid a supply convoy, which goes… alright. This is the point in the game where one of the mods I use stops playing friendly, and things invariably get messy. We aren’t helped by new sniper Colin Zeal, who manages to miss every single shot he’s given.

Pointfriend Bugduv once again excels herself, despite my best attempts to get her killed. She is wounded by a Stunlancer, but battles on like someone who has the vast wealth of a gulf nation behind her. Unfortunately, she and her friends are so willful in their destruction we don’t accrue much from the raid.

Darwin Dude is sent with newly trained assault Colossal Horse on a milk run covert op. This naturally winds up being ambushed, and the pair have to flee into a Lost city to escape Advent attention.

Thanks largely to Horse missing a 92% shot after a 96% shot, Dude gets a clobbering off the Lost, but nonetheless the two of them manage to make it to safety.

Tune in next time, in which a bunch of music nerds will probably be taking on the Advent Black Site, and losing about 5 people in so doing.


Sorry team!


Glad I pulled my weight again

I think I might make it to the end by doing sweet fuck all


Bloody knew this would happen


you only did 2 hooks didn’t you


If you were any good at maths youd know that would be impossible to get an odd percentage from an even number of hooks


a m b i e n c e


can’t believe i just noticed that i am in your video game. thank you.


i failed higher maths


took extra study lessons too


started playing Far Cry 3 again.

Man that’s a really stupid game but it’s fun to run around in the jungle and look at the nice blue sea.


it is a Good Video Game


not too keen on the way you are pumping 100 rounds into a mountain goat to get a bigger wallet though.


JOHN DARNIELLE: Ow ffs, I’ll just buy you a new wallet


i’d say this was niche but this is DiS so probably not


I have no idea what he’s referencing but liked it because I know it’s probably smart :slight_smile:


Mountain goats singer


Good to see I’m inevitably a massive liability already. I do like to shoot first and ask questions later in videogames - and the questions are always variations on, “how the fuck did I miss everything?


oh right never heard of him/them


Been playing MGS2 on the Vita. Enjoying it but forgotten how frustrating some of the gameplay is.