A gaming thread for 2019



The snes and mega drive emulators on pc were an absolute godsend when I found them, having missed out on most of the best games when I was a kid.

I bet Chrono trigger would stack up against most modern rpgs even now.


Microsoft have bought Obsidian and InXile. Crackdown 3 is out Feb 19


I watched bits of that Inside Xbox show whilst playing Dark Souls.

Man that was weird. Crowd all seemed on speed. New content was the odd bit of DLC that could have been covered in a tweet. Exclusive Gamepass game announcements were broadly all things I wouldn’t take a second glance.

It actually made Microsoft seem like they’re doing a worse job than they are?


Hellblade is an amazing game
Ori is a good get for launch day gamepass, Blind Forest was a wonderful game.
PUBG still has legs as a multiplayer game so making that free on Xbox is a pretty good move

But yeah, the problem is they’re very much in the rebuilding phase, but Obsidian and inXile are both big gets if you like RPG’s. Especially as Microsoft are adding mouse and keyboard support. But yeah they won’t have much if anything to show for it, for now, the inclusion of Hellblade onto Gamepass tells me they intend to put these studios back catalogs on Gamepass.

Plus this means more people will get to play Hellblade which is a great thing because as far as a gaming going for an artistic expression, this game nails it.
Live Games for Winter is making a welcome return, hopefully Summer of Arcade comes back as well, those events used to throw up some true gems (Bastion, Limbo, Splosion Man)


I’d be made up if I owned an Xbox and had Gamepass for sure. Maybe I jumped the gun, but it always seemed obvious to me that if they now owned these studios, these games would get released on it or old 360 games would’ve made backwards compatible?

Thought the new Sea of Thieves mode was intriguing and the Forza DLC looked stunning. But it was a 2 hour live event. Feel Sony, Bethesda, EA or Nintendo would have been crucified for unveiling that amount of stuff in such a bombastic manner.



I don’t think they ever pegged its a big deal? Just some fan event isn’t it? I dunno, I didnt even know it was a thing until a couple days ago


Ah maybe not then. It was all over my social media so I guessed it was a bit deal. If it’s just for the hardcore fans, that’s pretty cool.


I started playing Wolfenstein 2.

I’m not very good at it but also feel like Fallout 4 spoiled the post-nuclear cityscape for me. I keep hoping to find hilarious passive aggressive notes from sales clerks in the subway.


That game goes places, it’s a black comedy. It starts off very intense, has a lot of intense moments, but most chapters play out like a ratherr enjoyable romp through a very bleak situation.


I think I might be following my usual arc of not loving it because I’m not great at it, which will be soon followed by loving it because I get better and usually ending (in open world games anyway) with being overskilled for the main missions and feeling bored.


no more obsidian or inxile on gog then :persevere::persevere::persevere:




But imagine what Obsidian can do with M$ bankrolling their projects!


Also you wont need to buy their games anymore as they’ll be on Gamepass on PC and Xbone

(btw M$ is making a PC version of Gamepass which is more similar to the Xbone)


that sub model isn’t for everyone. i’d rather buy the games i want and be able to play them when i want without being tied into a monthly subscription for a bunch of games i may or may not want on an additional annual cost of around £100, esp considering how many games i already have. and preferably drm-free these days. and definitely not from the microshit store.


That’s fair

I think I’m a massive fan of gamepass because it killed my unhealthy relationship with steam

Only 2 or 3 new games added to that library this year! :smiley:


steam has been busy killing my unhealthy relationship with steam. the Hell Weeks of No Internet really put a dampner on things and now i’m all like ‘DRM-FREE AND LAN ALL THE WAY BBY’



I’m not buying Fallout 76

This seems so soulless


doesn’t look much different to fallout 4 to me but without any NPCs?


According to the video:
No challenge
Bases delete after you log out
Broken multiplayer
No story
No NPC’s at all
Over reliance on The Scorched
No dialogue
No point in exploring the world