A gaming thread for 2019



piss off beast mode father gascgoine


Is Bloodborne chat allowed ITT?


Checks tags



Have you got the special item?

The music box


Nah, I was proud that I got as far as I did without it

But now I see that (Adam Curtis voice) that was a fallacy


I think it’s pretty useful in the latter part when it’s hyper-aggressive.


oh noice

might do a cheating on it and find out how to get that

(it’s not cheating when the game is this cruel)


Oh, you should get it because it’s a really good little story-arc.


re: that story arc, I just read a little bit about it

and whoops, I already found and used the brooch


That’s kinda the better ending in a way. At least she still has hope…


I did a thing


Astro Boy on PS VR = Jaw on the fucking ground stuff, absolutely wonderful game. Feels like a true revolution in the realms of VR gaming in the same way Mario 64 was for 3d platforming


Watching a video about Silent Hill and I’m always delighted at that bit of trivia about Team Silent being composed entirely of people who didn’t integrate well into any other development teams


like this is a good video and everything, but my god, do gamers overstate Silent Hill’s legacy on the form / genre of horror sometimes. I saw one where the dude said that it pioneered psychological horror, which is bang out of order


this is the video btw

it’s served me well while I eat pizza




Aww man I got it too, can’t wait to get stuck into it


Tetris Effect is a spiritual experience in VR, what a ride!

It’s so nice to see VR finally mature into a viable (and now affordable) gaming platform. Cant wait to see what Sony do with the platform going forward as its by far the most user friendly, affordable and justifable at the moment and the display isn’t that much worse than the Vives I’ve tried. Cannot wait to see how the field of view and resolution improves down the line. From the sounds of things PS VR has been selling very well the past month or so on the back of this new starter kit and games.


Resolution is the one thing that bugs me with it, but if you’re playing it quite consistently you soon adjust, and the immersion totally overrides the step back it takes in that regard. Really gotta get Tetris!


Yeah resolution is a shame but its not a bad piece of kit for the price at all, its now like what… 1/4 of the price of a Vive? That an PS VR just has the best library of games out of all the headsets right now. I do wish there was higer resolution but… maybe next gen eh :wink: hopefully they’ll be able to sell upgrades which are just the headset without camera and HDMI passthrough box