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Found this on the internet
The creation suite remains the best part about these games


but not much difference in price compared to a rift esp when you factor in controllers


I defeated Father Gascoigne

In a dream

what the hell is my life


A… hunter’s dream?


I’ve got rather a large problem with Xcom2 WOTC.

In the missions that involve ‘the lost’ my vanilla PS4 suffers so much with the extra processing power needed for that many enemies that it keeps crashing. There doesn’t seem to be any settings I can change to make it better which means I can’t escape this mission.

Anyone have any ideas? It’s a massive shame because it’s an amazing game otherwise. It was obviously designed for PC though?


Just because it was designed for PC doesn’t mean it should crash yo PS4 like that. Is your mission bugged?


And with the guidelines Sony and Microsoft set for devs they shouldn’t be releasing games that cant run on base models. Somethings up with your save or your hardware, I pray its the former.


I’m not sure. Have you played the game? These enemies attack in waves and the corpses don’t despawn so the slowdown just gets worse and worse until it crashes. It autosaves and I’ve reloaded from multiple saves so it probably is my hardware tbh.

Trying to think how old my PS4 is - it’s coming up to 3 years I think. Well within ‘consumer electronics falling apart so you have to buy another one’ range.


I would still be surprised if this was the case. PS4’s dont have a particularly failure rate as far as I’m aware

I havent played the game but considering how vocal game journalists and gamers are about issues like this I would’ve heard of it by now I’d imagine. Tried googling to see if its a common issue?


Will do.

I’ve turned off autosave and it seems to have worked thank fuck. Don’t know enough about the technology to know if that hints at a deeper problem with my console.


I wouldn’t worry about it for now, might be a memory leak issue with the save you were playing or was caused by autosave for some reason. If you see slowdown across the board then maybe start worrying.


no there’s been multiple posts in the xcom sub about wotc being buggy af on ps4. turning off autosaves seems to help. now you’ve got yourself a save-scum problem instead. good luck, commander.


Seems like it might be an issue with the game - https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/191291-xcom-2/75765727?page=7

I’ve experienced some of the other stuff they describe like cutscenes looping. Thank fuck I didn’t go for ironman mode!


I recorded a podcast of me defeating father gascgoine


I wish I had video footage of me jumping up from the sofa, shouting “Yeah! Fuck you!” and flipping the bird at the TV after a boss slightly on from you finally went down.

Vicar Amelia, who I have since worked out how to beat pretty easily but took hours plus blood vial farming on my first run


When I beat him I jumped up and screamed so loud that the dog woke up and ran out of the room yelping.


Getting back into Prey after a prolonged absence to finally put XCom 2 to bed. So many good (and horrible) things about this game I’d like to talk about, but my current favourite thing is the schlock sci-fi story you find scattered around.


Where’s a good place for longform games journalism these days? I’ve finally given up on Edge and its dour joyless approach to writing about things that are supposed to be fun, Polygon’s nosedived terribly over the last few years and everything else I’ve found is just short soundbites and recycled PR guff. There must be something decent out there…


A friend of mine is deputy editor at Rock Paper Shotgun. I don’t read a lot of it, but she’s pretty good at winding up gamergate-style arseholes so reckon she’s doing a good job.


Waypoint is OK, I think. They can sometimes be a bit up themselves and self-important, but that’s kind of also what’s good about their journalism / podcast / community as well