A gaming thread for 2019



also this absolutely brilliant article on its own justifies its existence


Got a new laptop and bought cities skyline. Played for about an hour and I think I’m already bored

What’s decent on pc strategy wise? Got civ v which I’ve played to death on my old laptop. Don’t think I want to jump into civ 6. Also canirunit is very confused about my laptop’s graphics card so it can be hard to figure what I’m capable of running. But I guess with Steam’s refund policy it doesn’t really matter.


Twin Point Hospital. Planet Coaster


Stellaris is ace if you like space based stuff stuff where you spend 2000 years fighting a cold war with a race of uppity cat people before accidentally genetically altering your entire civilisation after coming into contact with some mysterious ancient Eldricht entity living in a black hole.


What sort of strategy?

If you like civ you may like Crusader Kings but it’s a bit… much for me
Artifact is out soon…


Might explode.


Europa Universalis IV?


Prison Architect and Rimworld are very highly regarded, particularly if you like organically occurring disasters.


Rimworld disasters are the worst


not played it as my laptop can’t run it but frostpunk looks great


Save it for Thursday.


Played xcom 1 and 2 to death on PS4 and they’re both great obviously.


Did homeworld just stop at 2?


They did a third one a few years ago as I recall. Never played any of them though. I’ve only really spent any time with the Sins of a Solar Empire/Galactic Civilisation games as well as Stellaris and the latter is my fave of them all. The other two are both pretty damn good as well though tbf, I just came away with much better stories from Stellaris. And good stories are mainly what I play strategy games for.


was looking at ssd deals for ‘cyber monday’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: maybe a fancy m.2 one but i’ve decided just to maybe finish some games and then delete them instead


This is exactly the kind of thing I’m after! Ta


Ended up getting Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for the 3DS in the sale. It’s a lovely JRPG with a twisty time travel plot and a nice combat system, looking forward to playing that (enjoyed the demo).

Currently trying to get into the sixth dungeon in Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Bumped into those Goron lads, and you have to play loads of mini-games with them to get the items to progress. Shooting from a minecart, playing baseball with your sword, dodging bombs, doing a little Dance Dance Revolution! Like how the plot pauses so you can do the Goron Olympics.


Such a weird couple of games, the Oracles. Overlooked at the time as they were Gameboy Color exclusives (lol GBC), and they came out just before the GBA did, so they were lost in the shuffle. Absolutely cracking, though.


I’ve ordered myself a Switch for Christmas along with Zelda. I can’t wait.

Any other must haves? I’m gonna pick up Monster Hunter for it, because I have a monster hunter problem…maybe into the breach as well.



Fallout 76 down below 20 quid :grimacing: