A gaming thread for 2019



Take it to the Switch thread



So many…

Exclusives: Mario Odyssey. Mario Vs Rabbids. Splatoon 2. Mario Kart 8. Picross. Snipperclips.

If you don’t already own them elsewhere: Celeste. Rocket League. Steamworld Dig 2. DOOM. Inside. Dark Souls. Yoku’s Island Express.


Into The Breach


Just beat Red Dead 2. 9/10. Rootin’ tootin’.

Knocking a mark off cos the shooting is a bit excessive at times. But that’s just me. I loved everything else.


Got it for switch. It’s brilliant.


I’d agree with that score, there are tons of little things wrong with the game but overall it’s a real achievement. Loved it, loved the story and I loved the world. I’m really looking forward to online.


Didn’t know there was one, sorry!


Can anyone report on star wars battlefront 2 (for PC ideally)?




spent the day playing Skyrim.

That game is really showing it’s age now!


Just got hollow knight on sale

Absolutely love the fucker


Reading about the PlayStation Classic PAL vs NTSC gaming thing, I hadn’t realised the games ran slower in PAL. I mean I assume that back in the day no one even knew? Or were the magazines full of this? (I hadn’t known about films being sped up in the UK until I was buying DVDs from the US and seeing 3:2 pulldown judders on panning shots.)

I do recall refresh rate being a big deal in PC gaming but my recollection was always that it was about smoothness - the game clocked at the same speed regardless and it was just how many frames in each second of gameplay you got to see, right? Just kind of odd to consider.


it was the v-sync of its day

but shit



Nice early 10 pm release this evening, so I should have enough time to fail to log in due to server overload for a bit, get through the tutorial, then experience the servers crashing a few times before I go to bed.


Is this a new penoid (digital) card game?


Yes, it’s what Valve made instead of working on Half Life 3.


tbh, i still play a lot of 50hz PS1 and PS2 content on my big 4K TV. It’s OK, but the 60HZ US versions I have (of PS1 games like Klonoa, Resi 2 and so on) are definitely the better experience.

It’s the borders that suck big time for me, especially on classics like Final Fantasy X. It’s always a treat when I boot up a PS2 game now and find it has a 60HZ or 480p mode hidden in the options.


yeh i realise my comment isn’t entirely accurate cos v-sync doesn’t tie in the rest of the game speed to yr monitor’s refresh rate (unless it’s a bethesda game in which case it probably would lmao lol lol). i downloaded a bunch of ntsc emulated games when i’d previously had pal and was like “how are these suddenly HARDER?”


do anybody want 50 cent bulletproof for ps2 and a packet of sweets for free


it’s really noticable on fighting games like tekken, feels like it takes an age to get the move out.

Like most stuff it’s fine once you adjust though, makes you realise that graphics don’t count for an awful lot