A gaming thread for 2019



bet there’s as many PS1 games that are fun and rewarding for a new player now as xbox360 games tbh.


me and my pals at work get together quite a lot to play games, drink and have dinner together. we often play multiplayer stuff on ps1 like tony hawks, bishi bashi and even single player horror stuff. they’ve aged fine and a couple of us were too young to play em’ back in the day. some games just take a while to adapt to control wise.

it’s all relative anyway. go into vagrant story expecting ps4 quality and you’ll think it’s hideous, go into it expecting ps1 and it looks stunning for example


some days I think stuff like vagrant story and metal gear solid looks better than current gen stuff artistically. Something really beautiful about the level of detail they crammed into low-poly fuzzy models.

Would love a kinda modern roguelike game with those aesthetics.


100% agree. Really big fan of the industrial grain and low-poly textures. Looks, i dunno, weathered and tangible.


really wish I hadn’t sold my old CRT tv in about 2007


Had a CRT 14" recently, gave it to a pal who would get more use out of it. Tbh, I recommend (if you’ve not got them) getting component cables for your PS2. Makes everything look much better on modern screens.


Anyone who bought dodgy cracked copies of US or Japanese import games from the Barras knew about this.


Did it PAL and NTSC output then? I’d never thought that. Makes more sense then.


think you had to mod your consoles for this


PAL ps1/ps2 systems can both output NTSC signals (PAL games often had the choice at boot up in the mid 00s) but yeah, u had to mod the system to get them to boot NTSC discs


modding skyrim is the most fun game ever!


Its like buckaroo, how many mods can you stack before it breaks


loads it seems!

Gonna break it tonight for sure


Back in the day with old school CRTs you didn’t have the choice. The reason its a big deal now is that you’ll struggle to find someone who wants to play games with a monitor that requires 50Hz refresh rate and thus the compromised versions of games that people put out for the EU market.


Fuck the ammo situation in Prey. Fuck it all the way to hell.


The secondary market in Artifact looks pretty promising so far - most cards are single digit pence to buy, some popular stuff is a pound or so, and a couple of things cost a fiver. I think I could have got a full set of all the cards for about £60 last night, straight after launch.


You really gotta scrimp initially but I seem to remember the upgrades helping out in that department?


hooray another pay to win card game!!!


Now u dun it.


Dunno about that really, especially as draft is being pushed as the competitive format.

It’s also more decision-heavy (so skill intensive) than something like Hearthstone.