A gaming thread for 2019



This looks bloody lush:


I just got out of Deep Storage, and shoving everything I find into Remove Your Cube machines remains a major part of the experience. I actually get excited every time I find an empty weapon because of that sweet, precious metal I’m going to get out of it.

I actually like a game that makes you count every bullet in this way, but without using psionics I rarely see a way around most situations without getting my shottie or greenify gun out. Stealth is way too fraught. It’s such a tense experience.



It looks way too galaxy brain for me. Still might get it though


So far it’s been pretty fun even when I’ve been losing, which is usually a good sign.


Oooh you’re avoiding alien tech?! I can see that making some of the enemy encounters insanely difficult! And yeah, that’s probably their greatest feat: somehow making recycling incredibly compulsive!


You use the bullet time ability (which doesn’t count as alien, ask the turrets) and the null grenades you can knock most things for six, up to and including the Nightmare. But… yeah. You have serious ammo conservation concerns playing it this way.

I just noticed that there’s an achievement for completing the game acquiring only human abilities and then completing the game acquiring only alien ones, so I guess I know what I’ll be doing some time soon.


Yeah I saw those achievements far too late! Not sure I’ll go back to it, bit I do really like the idea of only using specific skill sets - they’re really good at making those sorts of games.


I’ve just got into deep storage. Got plenty of ammo but then I cheesed the nightmare hiding under a desk and now I have no gloo, no shells and 6 handgun rounds :hushed:


the nightmare is easily cheesable and i have no idea why they kept it in the game. it’s total bollocks.


I love playing ashe in overwatch so muc. BOOB DO SOMETHING


Just finished it. My god that was bleak.


Last game in my bundle is Overwatch which looks utterly ridic :smiley: thinking of treating myself to a £20 game this payday but not sure what to get:

Edit: forgot to add Skyrim

  • Witcher 3
  • Fallout 4
  • Bloodborne (I think I might be too much of a wimp for this)
  • Earlier Uncharteds
  • God of War
  • Skyrim
  • Something else - pls advise

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I’ve voted god of war as I’m playing it at the moment and it’s brilliant.


Can’t go wrong with GoW or The Witcher. Bloodborne is ace, but if you’re not a fan of hard, then I’d avoid it (I never got through it, unlike the other two). Found Fallout really disappointing after Skyrim. Guess you’d get a lot for your money with the Uncharteds, if you fancy playing old games dressed up as new, but even then the Witcher probably have more content.


Oh gawd, yeah I’m very much sticking to easy settings atm so maybe bloodborne isn’t for me! I’ve heard so much about GoW and Witcher though!


Have you played Uncharted: Lost Legacy? That would be my pick if it was in the poll


Artifact getting panned in the Steam reviews for the monetisation model is my biannual reminder that gamers are trash.

You can do an infinite number of casual drafts (no rewards for free.
You can do an infinite number of causal drafts with your mates instead of randos for free
You can play a draft with rewards for win streaks for $1 a pop
Right now you can play with eight preconstructed decks as much as you like for free.
And then if you want to buy cards for constructed, you can just buy the exact ones you want instead of gambling on packs.

But no, that’s not enough for John Q Gamer, is it.



Can’t believe the work some people have put in with these skyrim mods.

Looks just about as good as red dead 2 in certain spots now.


Kills the framerate though