A gaming thread for 2019



No I haven’t, it’s on my long list for def (think because all the serious Uncharted fans were lukewarm about it) :slight_smile:


Play Overwatch, pick Ashe, summon BOB


I haven’t gone into it too deep, but it’s the $1 a pop for any sort of competitive mode that’s putting people (me) off isn’t it??

Ie - the fact that there isn’t a non casual mode at all that doesn’t cost actual money every single time you play.*

From what I’ve seen of the marketplace the cards seem almost too cheap - like why even bother, just charge full price for the whole game and chuck everything in.

*edit - the guaranteed returns or rewards dont negate this Imo


I know it has a (pretty decent?) mmr system but is it all behind the scenes??

I am a massive pleb but my brain is far more satisfied by being associated with some sort of rank when I play competitively.

Reckon if after a game it flashed up with something as simple as ‘congratulations loser you are now ranked 3493827394 out of 3493827395 in your own street!’, I’d be happier to pay to play.


cant go wrong with the Witcher.
May I also recommend checking out Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Grim Dawn. all under £20. Think DD is a fiver


Casual draft is free and the only difference between that and competitive draft is the possibility of getting packs and event tickets for a good run, which if you’re only interested in drafting in the first place doesn’t really get you anything. And if you’re using draft prizes to get cards for constructed decks… you can get the cards you need more easily from the market.

I think not having a global ranking thing for free play is probably a mistake but it’s not one I care about. My main focus is having interesting games, I don’t care about a ranking number next to my name (and tbh I’m quite enjoying an escape from ladder anxiety and FOMO from daily quest rewards).

I guess my more measured take to the monetisation now is that if the point of comparison is e.g. Hearthstone and the expectation that you can convert your free time into digital cards for free at a glacially slow pace then it might feel like a rip-off. Or if it’s DOTA2 then it’s going to feel like a paywall.

But if the point of comparison is physical card games or MtG online and you view it as a £17 starter set that gets you infinite free drafts and tournaments with your friends, and constructed cards that cost between pennies and a few quid then it is - comparatively - insanely good value.

The communities that I’m in that are going all in in Artifact are physical card game groups and there has not been a single sniff of a complaint about the model from anyone. Not even one. I think that’s probably quite telling.


My preferred compromise would be to let people grind for free event tickets if you want. That way they can get free cards if they git gud.


It’s no different to the other Uncharted games. Probably just gamers having a cry about a game where the two main protagonists are both women.


I did suspect that might be the case :smiley: although people don’t seem to like Sam much either?


I can’t explain why but I need the little rank or star next to my name, I know it’s pointless. (however have you ever tried to play rocket league in casual after some comp play? , it’s awful)

Anyway gonna hold out for a while cos I’ve got smash bros next week and someone managed to accidentally have a couple of whiskeys and preordered all the new HS packs didn’t they? :disappointed_relieved:


Nearly eight days of play time into ‘Fallout 4’ and I’m starting to lose interest in it. The reason why is what we’re completely overpowered. On level 65 and we’ve a lot of the perk chart filled so we’re cleaning people out in one or two shots at all times. Tempted to start a new game and play it a bit differently.


the witcher 3 is the game of the generation for me, at least until Death Stranding or Last of Us 2 come along.

my gf just beat it as well and loved it


Lost Legacy is the second best Uncharted game imo. The main characters are more interesting and the open world bit is great.


I bet she did.


Yeah I’ve heard lots of praise for Lost Legacy. It’s the only one I haven’t played but it’s on my shelf. Might give it a go after GoW actually.


All card games aside from original Gwent and Slay the Spire are awful.


Dominion is good.


i’m making a bad habit of this (phwoar etc)


another thumbs up for Uncharted Lost Legacy here - I didn’t actually get round to playing it myself but I did watch my wife play it and (I think) get all the trophies for it so I might as well have played it. she really liked it though, big fan of all the Uncharteds, definitely worth a go :+1:


keep putting off getting any new games because I’m playing Zelda and F1 2018 still, but I can’t see me actually finishing any of them any time soon :confused:

quite tempted to get Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap on the Switch cos it’s half price I think, played that to death on the Master System so will have the full nostalgia factor, plus it looks lovely, plus I have c.£40 of credit on the eShop and none of the other games on my watch list (cough Celeste cough) ever seem to get reduced.

also, less than two months til Resident Evil 2 comes out? watched a gameplay video of that, looks like it might be good!