A gaming thread for 2019



Picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider cheap on the PS Store. Forgot how difficult it is to put the controller down with these games. It’s not at all challenging and it has a pleasing sense of progress that doesn’t really amount to very much. Plus the atmosphere is definitely up there with Uncharted as far as I’m concerned.


It’s great. Love the Chloe/Nadine relationship.


Turns out Sports Interactive have been rather busy of late - not only have they released the critically acclaimed (except by Eurogamer) Football Manager 2019, Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2019 mobile games in the last month (Out now!), but they’ve also made what appears to be a game that riffs on trains and Papers Please for charity.


Hang on - that doesn’t look like a sport AT ALL!

Sports Interactive - you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.


I haven’t play GOW but I’ll be getting it over Xmas. I’m considering a repeat attempt at Bloodbourne too.

Witcher and Fallout 4 are both GBOG.


erm, assassin’s creed origins is really really good??? the stealth is satisfying, the combat fun, looks and runs great and it isn’t too grindy??? the first ass creed game i actually want to finish???

physics puzzels designed by children tho


most card games are good


Probably disagree tbh.


they make me feel intelligent


Good ones definitely have the scope to make you feel clever, and the really good ones aren’t even tricking you into that!

I think most of them are boring and derivative though, especially digital ones.


I don’t want to actually think that hard though, just look at nice pictures with a little quote and go “oh if I combo this with the other one etc etc”.

If I was truly clever I’d probably hate them.


hearthstone definitely got a lot worse over the course of me playing it though, seems like the number of viable decks reduced drastically


I rated Lost Legacy really highly. I reckon it was much better than Uncharted 4 which was basically pretty but dull. Got much more into the story of this one (you probably do need to play 4 first though, if you haven’t, and a play through 2 will also introduce you to the Chloe character).

All moot though, because you really should play Witcher 3 before any of those other games on your list


I don’t know if it’s quite what you’d be interested in but the new Anodyne looks like it’ll be doing for the PS1 / N64 era what the original did for the SNES Zelda-y sort of thing. Bloody loved Anodyne


Holy crap, didn’t realise there was a sequel on thr way! Looks great at first glance.

I got stuck on the first but really enjoyed it, fantastic little game


after already receiving ‘soma’ from humble bundle (and i believe it’s also in monthly trove) and twitch prime, i’m laughing at it being in december’s ps plus line-up. :laughing: kind of regret paying £17 for it in the first place tbqh. am guaranteed never to pay for any frictional games again!


It is great but I had the same problem with it as with every other AC game since Brotherhood, I took a break from it to play something else as it gets a bit samey after 40ish hours (by which point I’d only competed half the story!), then never went back. Didn’t stop me getting Odyssey though, which is even better


who wants to tell him


bloodborne digest

  • shut up vicar amelia dickhead antler wanker
  • shut up losing 5000 blood echoes because I’d somehow unequipped my weapon and was flailing my fists at a big scythe man dickhead scythe wanker
  • ooh the option to summon some dude with a hammer to whack enemies on my behalf dickhead useful wanker



  • opening gates has never been so much fun, who’d have thought that pulling a lever and watching a gate open could fill one with a profound sense of relief and acceptance over the concept of (fictional not real life, obviously) death (with of course real life death still casting its dark shadow over all aspects of one’s life dickhead looming wanker)