A gaming thread for 2019



Describe the Soulsborne franchise in two words:


My family bought me this for a (very) early 40th birthday present today. Quite excited to try it once the kids are in bed:


Got perfect runs on both of the gauntlets (series of games, first to five ones or two losses) I did today in Artifact. One draft, one constructed.

Fuck this patent nonsense, I’m going pro.


Interested to hear this!


These are the most fun enemies to parry riposte. Also very visually satisfying imo


I quite like that I’d got my confidence up after the first Yarnham bit and was like, “yeah I could probably batter this massive bastard who has a hammer four times the size of me” only to be swiftly proven wrong

I have no idea where I’m meant to be going, which is kinda cool. There seems to be a few avenues I can trek down rn


So there are 3 Star Wars related things so far supported; play big games of Holochess, RTS battles on a giant scale and most importantly have Lightsaber battles.

The build quality of the weapon itself is incredible. Feels like holding a weighty, authentic sword. The headset gets heavy on your neck after a while but feels good.

Haven’t unlocked the Holochess yet but the RTS game was pretty wicked, if incredibly easy at entry level.

The Lightsaber battles are the big draw though and are very good indeed. Once you learn the way the game wants you to play them. All about calm, considered placement, blocks and jabs. Go in arms waving and, like Skyward Sword or Wii Sports Resort, the game glitches, gets out of whack and seems fairly garbage. Play it calmly, and it’s bloody immersive.

I’m not sure I’d say to spend £100-250 on it, as you’d have to outside of sales, but as a gift and party game, it’s great fun!

Hope they add a Death Star trench run to it…


That sounds great. As you say, it’s a lot of money though. I will add it to my wishlist, if anyone spots it cheap and wants to get me it then great


Yeah this is where it really opens up. Lots of avenues to explore if you hit a wall in terms of difficulty.



edit: oh, nvm. died 10 seconds later. fuck that boss.


Brother in law has just got a ps4 so I’m getting him a game for Xmas, Ive narrowed down the choices but want a consensus

  • Dishonoured 2
  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Uncharted 4
  • Last of us remastered
  • Witcher 3

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For pure content, W3. If he doesn’t have much gaming time though…Last of Us.


It depends what he’s into; big open world rpgs then Witcher or Horizon. Tight linear narrative action adventures then Uncharted of Last of Us or sneaky first person fun (Dishonoured 2).


I’m more tempted by horizon than the witcher, given its more bombastic and not quite as large. He’s a copper so he’s got a lot of free time on his 4 day weekends, so that’s not an issue.

I’ll probably go for uncharted or the last of us to be fair, he’s got rdr2 so I imagine he’ll be open worlded out by the time he’s finished that and won’t want to be trekking around on a horse or dinosaur for hours right away. Something fast and linear is the antidote for hours of sleepy horseplay


playing Dark Cloud for the first time, quite like it


If he hasn’t played TLOU that is an immense present. I’d pay a serious sum to forget it entirely and replay. Though it was my re-introduction to PS4 after years off gaming :thinking:


Similar, brother has put:

  • Mario party
  • Pokemon
  • Smash bros
  • Rdr2

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(spot the odd one out)

_tempted _ to go for Mario party and get a copy myself for some multiplayer. Could do the same with smash though


Mario partys online mode is barely there. Wouldnt bother if thats ur plan. Mario party is only ever worh it of u see yourself in a situation with 3 others playing games multiple times a year. In the same room


I would very much like for this to happen


great game