A gaming thread for 2019



Would explain why ctr didnt end up on ps classic



A lot of game anouncements expected at the Game awards tonight. Walmart have listed Death Stranding as pre order for July release, Nintendo telling people to watch tonight for big news, Far Cry news and Phil spencer of Xbox will be there.


looking forward to another batshit Death Stranding trailer :+1:


Omg are we getting a Location Location Location moba???




Metroid Prime 4 trailer I reckon, with Trilogy coming Q1 2019


Guys Guys Guys Guys.

Subnautica is now on playstation! I had PC Overlord envy when it came out as it looked like the best game ever.

Can some one please convince me that it isn’t the best thing ever as I’m still on Chapter 3 of RDR2 and have a backlog as long as a long thing.


Well… it’s a lot scarier than RDR. And you don’t get a six shooter. Perhaps that’s enough to count against it?


However, you do get to build an underwater submarine base.


see this isn’t helping me because I have a deep and abiding desire to make my underwater base. The whole idea has me in raptures


I can confirm that it is not the best thing ever.

It’s merely really, really bloody good.


New stanley parable content


All the game consoles are on stage


Ashens is out on game pass today. Really excited to play that, looks really cool


Journey on PC? Bit late but I’ll take it. Gladly.

I suppose Flower would be tough to port seeing as it was designed for the PS3 gryoscope pad thing and it’s probably not popular enough to warrant the costs but DAMN IT GIVE ME FLOWER ON PC YOU COWARDS!


Its brilliant, I played it religiously for 3 weeks solid.
Did I say it was brilliant? As your lawyer, I advise you to purchase it.


Hold the fucking phone

Quite the night for anouncements


Epic Games making moves to dethrone Steam, theyre offering a free game every 2 weeks in 2019!

Theyre really going all in with this venture


Yeah but how many of them will be Daikatana


All of them!