A gaming thread for 2019





not played psychonauts since it came out on PS2, but i did enjoy it. Might nab the PS4 port


I could go for a few rounds of instagib on Facing Worlds if they include Unreal Tournament!




Bold stuff from Epic. Can’t blame for trying to secure their future while Fortnite fever is still rampant (it can’t last forever, can it?) but Steam is going to take some dislodging. They’re going about it the right way - they’ve got the fella from Steamspy on board to give players all the lovely stats they want (and that Valve seem weirdly reluctant to give them) and their pitch to devs was basically taking the laundry list of complaints they’ve had with Steam for a long time and said, “we’re actually going to solve these.” Still the tallest of orders though.

A genuine competitor to Steam would be a great thing as it might wake Valve from their complacency. But on the other hand I really can’t be arsed with another f’ing launcher.


Epic is owned by two cent, they have unlimited money. Also the store front looks really pretty


thought you were talking about the youtuber and got really confused as to what that meant


I thought this too.


CS:GO goes free to play. adds battle royale mode. gets review bombed. like clockwork.


They only own 40% and I doubt they’d have been throwing too much good money after bad in an alternate timeline where Fortnite flopped. If they can get a piece of Steam’s pie that’s a money hose that never stops flowing.

I’m a lazy, lazy man though so they’ll need to do a bit more work to tempt me away from my Steam comfort zone.


No new Death Stranding trailer then? :frowning:


No, instead we actually got a lot of actual video games that actually exist!


Like crash team racing and psyconauts 2 and the spiritual succesor to fallout new vegas!


So I’m playing God of War and it’s brilliant, loving how it retains the feel of the previous games while still reinventing it’s systems.

Anyway it got even better last night (massive spoilers for half way through)

When Kratos says he’ll have to dig up this past and touched his arms was a proper oh my god moment as I realised what was coming and when he first walks out with the blades of chaos and I started fighting and they were just like the previous games it blew my mind, I just wasn’t expecting it. Proper fan boy moment.

So yeah it’s awesome. (I’ve not gone any further yet so no spoilers please)




U wot m9


Artists representation of me laughing at your funny reply


PS5 launch title. Blatantly. They’re ‘doing a Last Guardian’ with it.


Has anyone spent any time with BFV who can persuade me not to buy it? I don’t have the time for it but I’m suffering from some serious BFBC2/BF3 nostalgia and I’m slowly convincing myself I’ll be able to relive those days on V.


This is the key, innit. GoG has had a more user-friendly UI and set up for years, but they haven’t made the slightest dent in Valve’s empire. As with any kind of shopping, it all comes back to what the easiest thing to do is.

In other news, beat Slay the Spire last night. The last boss is completely ridiculous, my guy had 3HP left and a 60 HP hit waiting for her on the next turn.