A gaming thread for 2019



Proper excited for this


Oh man. Gonna have to play the original again now. Meat circus and all.


I paid for EA access and got a 10 hour trial. Sorry, it’s good.


playstation classic is keeping cex busy


such a shame, could have been awesome instead of this pile of shite. maybe they’ll get the PS2 Classic right…


Damn it, this is not what I wanted to hear!


Yes it is (secretly).


Don’t believe this at all. Reckon its a 2019 title, or 2020 at the latest. PS4, cross gen possibly. If MGSV can be on PS3/360 in 2015, this can be on PS4 in 2020.


You’re not wrong. Damn it.


I am very excited for Below to come out next Friday, just to know more about what that game is and for the Capy to finally get it into the world!

Also, Spider Man is good isn’t it? Nothing particularly new about it, just kind of a joy to play and has been nice to stick on at the end of the day. Taken over Red Dead 2 which despite my enjoyment I am finding hard to find the effort to get through the final chapter.


Have I missed this one?




Picked up Titanfall 2 for the PS4 when it was £3:99 last weekend. Really enjoying it so far, about 30% into the solo game and the multiplayer is fantastic too. Reminds me of HL2 quite a bit and the best game I’ve played in a long time.


mmm, think i played the whole campaign 2 or 3 times in a week.


The campaign is short but so brilliant

Also yea, it is basically Half Life 3


Gamepass got me covered for Christmas. Excelllent haul of games this month


looks like subnautica is the first free game from the epic store. lovely.


Not linking for the game so much but more for the fact that all platforms can play with each other. Yaaaaay we are finally getting to a world wgere multiplayer wont be platform specific


Update on my poll: GOW and W3 were tied, but W3 was £15 and GOW was £50, so I went with the former. I gotta be honest with you all, I absolutely fucking hated it for the first few hours - think I was just overwhelmed at all the STUFF, the inventory system, crafting potions and stuff. But I am well into it now - was up until 2am playing it because I couldn’t turn it off :smiley:

I also bought Lost Legacy as that was on offer and so many of you recommended it! I’ll play that next after W3.


Aha, this reminds me to subscribe to Game Pass now I’ve got decent internet. Only a quid for the first month as well.