A gaming thread for 2019



Get on Hellblade when thats up

Ashen is too dark souls like for me, im bad at those games and im bad at this. Its a shame because i really like the style and atmosphere


Wouldn’t normally play a lot of games that are on there, but if I’ve got access to them for what I’d say is a very reasonable price, then I may as well give them a bash when I’ve got time.
And if I don’t get on with them, then there seems to be plenty of other stuff I would enjoy that make it worth a couple of pints a month.


For anyone who is massively into Final Fantasy 7 (loads of you losers I suspect), Cane & Rinse are finishing their year with a podcast about it. Sign up on their forum or email them if you want to potentially get your memories or views featured on the show.


This is quite a common experience and then something just clicks and it’s all you want to play.


surprised they haven’t already done one on FFVII yet (unless they repeat games, been ages since I listened to any of their stuff)


We’ve already done F76 to death, but I did enjoy this: https://gfycat.com/GeneralShyCoati


They’re working their way through the whole FF series, with big gaps in between each show to give them time to play them!


FF7 is coming in a few weeks. I sent them an absurdly long piece of correspondence naturally


8000+ blood echoes harvested.

One last check round to see I hadn’t missed anything before going back to level up

Fall down hole



Oh wait I got em back



Got my Switch this weekend picked up Diablo 3, wish I’d just got one of these sooner. LOVE IT and I can play while my missus watches TV.

I know, I know, take it to Switch thread.



(i came 3457th in the daily climb)


Holy fuckerington fuck.


Have you managed to complete the game proper, tips?


just lost a normal game to the time eater. fuck that guy.
i’ve won with the silent and the ironclad. can’t remember how i managed it in the end with the silent (took ages) but with the ironclad it’s all about the strength cards. haven’t managed to figure out another way. think my first win i ended up on 128 strength or something. that was fun.


Oh god…


From the producer of the fast and the furious, so you know it’s gonna be fast


You may as well quit if Time Eater shows up when you’re running the Silent. Hate that mechanic so much.

My method of beating the final boss with the Silent was Envenom + After-image + roughly a million knives. Managed it by the skin of my teeth. Haven’t done it with either of the others so far. Feels really unfair you have to beat that mini-boss directly before it.


You wouldn’t believe how furious Robotnik is with having been called Eggman for decades…


I’ll admit, there’s a lot going on here with this poster.