A gaming thread for 2019



Reckon the series has been looking prettier and flatlining in every other respect since San Andreas.


I really enjoy driving around the world in those games and some of the inherent absurdity but I don’t like their humour at all


vice tempers it a little, but not much!


Yeah I can’t imagine it’s aged well in that respect. Remember the world and variety of gameplay and characters and humour blowing my mind as a young teen. The scale was something else compared to other games I’d played.


Started on the Sexy Brutale in the week. Pretty impressed so far.


yeah it’s a shame it’s hard to get a sense of that these days. Kind of managed it though by playing GTA1 and GTA2 first. It’s really incredible the difference in a sense of place and worldbuilding going from those to GTA3. You get used to all the landmarks and the streets etc. Crazy to think there is only like 2 or three years seperating all three.


Yep, GTA 3 feels like a proper landmark game in terms of world-building, similar to the way Half-Life pushed the envelope with an interconnected map. And yeah, it’s insane how much that developed in the short time between 2 and 3.

Remember just driving around for ages listening to Chatterbox FM. Setting aside the ‘edgy’ humour of that time, the world-building they achieved through a fake talkshow radio station is mind-boggling.


it’s been a weird one to reflect on, in some ways it seems almost quaint and old school, the shooting is all over the shop, the pedestrians repeat the same three or four lines of dialogue all the time and the world (especially the closed off starting area) really isn’t that big at all. That’s not even saying anything in terms of the graphics!

However in many ways it doesn’t feel far removed at it’s core to something like Horizon which I’ve been playing recently, the map markers are all there, the general structure of weapon progression and flow of mission difficulty is there, the cars feel surprisingly fun to drive still and the feedback of going over bumps etc is all still there, ambient sounds of the city are still great.

It very much feels like the core template that all open world games have been iterating on for close to 20 years!


Exactly this.

Yep, it’s texture more than a well-realised mechanic. Much like Skyrim combat tbh! Or Fallout 3 / New Vegas for that matter…


was also thinking it’s odd how sort of modern it seems as a city at first blush, I guess some of the cars look a bit nineties but it’s odd to think that in my mind it seems like a sort of contemporary place outside of the lack of mentions of the internet.



wanna feel old?

San Andreas was released in 2004 and set in 1992, that’d be the equivalent of releasing a game now and setting it more or less when that game came out!

I hate time.


So I’ve got COD WW2 for PS4 just now -
29 hours remaining to install an application update - WHAT THE FUCK!!


2 hours in and Subnautica truly has the potential of being a classic survival game. The environment is fun, the meter management isn’t obnoxious and the atmosphere is incredible. It’s also incredibly pretty and it seems decently complex without being intimidating.

There are also points of interests drip fed to you to give you a sense of direction.

I think it’s great so far.


i finished Final Fantasy XV yesterday. it was alright? definitely nowhere near the same level of goodness as any of the other FF games I’ve finished (all the PS1 ones, X and X-2) but decent enough.

found the pacing of it a bit off, as at the start i found it annoying, then it opened up and i had loads of open world stuff to do which was good, plus some classic FF enemies/summons turned up to make it actually feel like an FF game, but then about chapter 8 or 9 it went really linear again, chapter 13 was terrible and the end was merely alright, although (minor spoiler i guess) selecting a photo of a Cup Noodle turned out to be a masterstroke as it appearing in the final cutscene and on my certificate of completion got a proper LOL out of me and the mrs

will have a look and see how much i have to do post-game to get the platinum and if it’s not all that much i might try and polish that off, otherwise i think i’d rather leave it and play another game/another FF game.


Is this worth playing? Got it as a download when I got the remastered X but never played it.


I liked it, wasn’t as good as X but it’s worth a go I think


How recommended is the Resi 1 remake on PS4? Just seen its on the PS Store for just over a fiver. Could be a good reward for doing work / distraction from just endlessly posting stream-of-consciousness melancholia in the love life thread.


I got it last time it was on sale. Only got around to playing the first hour or so, but it seemed pretty good. The bit I played was fairly faithful to the original with better graphics and controls but with enough things changed to keep it tense. Need to go back and play though it properly.


Was planning to give X another playthrough so might do them back to back.


All you had to do was follow the train CJ!