A gaming thread for 2019



Anyone else on here got monster hunter? Mine has arrived but I haven’t had a chance to dig in yet


It’s the GameCube remake in HD. So it’s one of the greatest games ever made and you should play it.


Started playing Sleeping Dogs. Its flawed and a bit basic but it is a lot of fun. Didnt realise it was initially a True Crime thing


it’s ace, I got it full price and enjoyed it a lot


Sounds good enough to me!


playing the Laser League beta, it’s like bomberman with Tron art. seems pretty fun if anyone fancies teaming up. (and free)


Just finished Arkham Knight. Or rather, i got the first ending.

This is my first proper batman game, and I fucking loved it. Got the dlc too now. Brilliant. I always hated batman but I was wrong. Well into this guff. Got the other two Arkham games coming.

Admittedly I tried asylum a while back but barely gave it a chance, but Knight just clicked. So I’ll try again.


only really ever played City but really liked that. Fuck those stupid Riddler challenges though


Been playing Steamworld Dig 2. Really enjoying the setup of exploring just a little further each time you go into the mine. Pretty perfect game for playing for half and hour before bed.


Playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, still love the multi-player. Tempted still to upgrade to PS4 and not sure whether BF4 or BF1 would be the way to go on PS4. Killer Is Dead is still clumsy but kind of great (loved Killer7). Also just bought MGS HD stuffs on PS3 new sale, weird controls but classy.


just started Vice City this evening. Massive improvement over GTA3 in every way so far


Shadow of the colossus anyone? I never played the PS2 version or the ps3 HD refresh so bang up for a go on this. Shame i won’t have any time given I have MGS V, Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn on my list to complete first.


FAO @Bamnan and basically everyone. this is a pretty enticing deal, and for a good cause


I would push SOTC to the front of that list, or hang back and wait for the remaster which will probably be out by the time you finish all 3


great deal! Damn just bought all of GTAs recently. Oh well only cost me about £45 in total.


let’s all play fortnite lads wheyy


I wish I had the time to get somewhat decent at Fortnite because I love the whole concept, even warming to the building elements, but I can only get into the top 15/20 if I use a bit of stealth, which I know is antithetical to how the majority play the game.


The remaster is getting rave reviews across the board, so guess it’s out this week?

SOTC is a wonderful game. Will be fascinating to see if the remake keeps he aura and magic of the original. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t from the 4K screens that were released, but lots of sites and journalists I trust are saying it’s a stunning recreation of the original that can be played as it always has been or with tighter, more modern controls if you prefer.


I know it’s traditional for tech companies to come up with wanky names for colours, but how on earth have we reached the point of calling something “Steel Black” when it’s actually silver and not even vaguely black?


been meaning to give it a go, looks a bit more forgiving than PUBG