A gaming thread for 2019



I would call that ‘grey’, even less marketable


I always wanna build ridiculous bridges and stuff like that but just get wiped out before I get anywhere. Wish they had like a free play mode for the building element, just to see what you can actually do with it.


I think they do in the full Fortnite game but realistically who’s bought that? It’s crazy that probably 0.01% of Fortnite players have actually got the full game

My advice is to jump at the last possible moment, head for an area that’s not a hotspot / marked on the map, and practice building there, just to get used to the mechanics. You can go ages without encountering anyone if you purposefully try to avoid it


Haha, yeah, it’s not worth any money but hundreds of hours of your life?! Sure! Ah okay, I’ll try that. I haven’t really played it much since before Christmas and it seems to of changed a fair bit so that’s kinda put me off, but I’ll try to pick it up again.


There’s also this, which I just bought

Mainly cos I wanna play Stellaris.

Anything else in there worth a look?


I’d look at Hearts of Iron of I was getting it because the fourth one looks really interesting. Not sure if three was up to much though.

Cities in Motion is an interesting idea, but not quite there for me. Thought the first one was more playable in all honesty.


Crusader Kings II is amazing.


Started playing the latest Deus Ex that was free with PS Plus this month. Seems okay so far, but is everyone going to talk in that ridiculous hard man voice throughout the whole game?


I picked this up as well, but there’s literally nothing else I want other than Stellaris. Some other great games in there but I’ll be lucky if I find the time to play that…

I might start another steam key amnesty thread, see if anyone can get any use out of them. Surely someone will want Pillars of Eternity at least.


The main character is hilariously gruff! Probably has to be one of the dumbest, self-serious characters ever created.


Most people seem to think that that isn’t the voice actor’s actual voice.


I bought a telltale bundle in May 2016 and haven’t played any of them. Brilliant.

Anyway, i played Stellaris for an hour last night and had absolutely no idea what was going on. :sunglasses:


I expect I’ll be the same. I’ve been told not to start a game for a bit though - there’s an imminent patch which will overhaul how travel works in the game. So don’t get too used to warps/wormholes as apparently they won’t be a thing for much longer.


does he dress like a third-rate Neo in real life too?


Good to know - thanks!


Give the guy a break, it can’t be easy dancing in that outfit


RDR Delayed :frowning:


Also very much up for playing this for those same reasons, though student fee installments, having bought Resi 1 HD, and the fact Japanese Breakfast is playing Birmingham makes me think I should hold back on any more impulse purchases for now.

Resi 1 is good though. Never played it before; and I can see how it influenced what 7 was doing.



Not delayed, just finally given a realistic release date.