A gaming thread for 2019



Haven’t read what this is a reply to and I don’t care


Now I have and I’m glad I did


Far Cry 5’s DLC looks rad



Listening to a podcast with the creators of Kentucky Route Zero and they just bigged up Mark Fisher. I feel so vindicated for having thought about them links.


Anyone played the rebooted LA Noire?


I was sadly never aware of Fisher’s work while he was alive but I seem to see his name mentioned a lot by the kind of people I listen to. Given how much I adord KRZ I think it’s beyond time I read some of his stuff. What’s a good starting point do you reckon?


Ghosts of my Life is a really good read


I’ve had that one in my Amazon ‘save for later’ sub-basket thing for ages. I’m intrigued by his ideas on Hauntology. I should probably finally pull the trigger on that.


really good essay on Burial too. it’s a pretty good starting place because there’s a mixture of pop culture and more abstract ideas


Sounds good. I’ve found it for a reasonable price from a less shitty seller and I’m at that post-payday point where I’ve already spent too much money and figure I may as well bankrupt myself on nice things to enjoy while I’m poor. Gonna buy that and play the new KRZ interlude while I’m waiting for it to show up. Cheers!


fuuuuck really want to buy the FFXII remaster on PC


For some reason, the interlude keeps randomly freezing when I try to play it. I’ve watched the broadcast on their website though. I love this game, but I’m still amazed at how much of the wider lore I’m unaware of (it’s a testament to the game that that doesn’t hamper my enjoyment / appreciation as well).

Also, Ghosts of my Life is a good starting point. I read it last year as a bit of essay research and grew to really love it.


Cracking on with Subnautica. After finally getting the captain’s code transmission I plucked up the courage to explore the Aurora, really unsettling experience (and certainly raises some questions about exactly how long a plastic fire can go on burning for in a profoundly humid environment). The next job is to construct a better base than the seaweed-clipping hovel I’m currently squatting in. The coral forest seems like a good bet to set something a bit more swaggering up.

It’s a really scary game without relying on anything in the traditional toolset of a horror genre - simply gives you no weapons and then lets a deep, alien ocean do the rest of the work. It can’t be over-emphasised how unsettling not seeing the bottom is.


Found myself a wee bit addicted to fortnite battle royale at the moment. It’s not very good but compelling nonetheless. Once I come top I’m sure it’ll lose its appeal - came 2nd and 4th so far.


God I want to play subnautica so much… Wonder if it’ll ever get a console release?


It’s in early access for Xbone and will come out on PS4 when the console ports are completed




got Wipeout Omega Collection the other day, it’s dead good. really enjoying playing the 2048 tracks on a big TV instead of a Vita, looks really good and smooth and i’ve not even got into the Phantom/A+ class races yet. shame that online is totally dead though, played some races the other day but was one of only two lobbies in the whole world from the looks of it :confused: did some split screen earlier though, that was good.


The ink ribbon system in Resi is a bit shit. I get that it’s hardcore but I’m an adult, man


2 Red 2 Redemption looks real pretty