A gaming thread for 2019



Thought this is really interesting - may burrow into those YouTube videos later.


I’d fully recommend getting and reading ASAP. I’m not being overly dramatic when I say reading his books changed my life - got me to look at art and culture in a completely different, deeper way. Granted it was the first ‘criticism’ type of book that I’d read so that could be it but it seemed more real and accessible than some of the more scholarly stuff I’d tried to dip in.


Wait they’re sort of remaking Link’s Awakening for the 3DS in an open-world BotW style???!!

Noticed that LA seems to be missing from the eShop at the moment. LINKS RE-AWAKENING CONFIRMD


That’s high praise indeed. I’ve already ordered it - I’ll bump it to the top of my reading list when it arrives.


I’ll be really pissed if this happens, if only because I lost my 3DS and won’t have anything to play it on :frowning:


So I was off sick most of last week with a snotty death. Put in 40 hours on Monster Hunter World. Straight up amazing game, fucking love it.

In other news. I picked up one of these instead of a Switch. It was £100 and I had some Amazon vouchers left over:

It’ll play stardew and stream my XBOX/PS4. It’s gonna be perfect for when I move in with the missus.


Who else has monster hunter and wants to go by ting one day? I’m also a North teething it up. Tried to play it today but needed to lie down. Only managed to get 6hrs so far but it’s a fantastic ga e


That looks very interesting - seems like it could run some light games itself and stream the heavy stuff (the Wii U off-TV thing basically). How’s it going?

Seems like a way to play my massive load of Steam games while on the sofa, think that might suit me more than a Switch right now (until Smash 5 and Shin Megami Tensei 5 come out that is) :+1:


It’s turning up today, will report back if it’s any good. You can get them refurbed cheaper.


In the market for another indie game. Good scenery, weirdness is good. Played Firewatch, Inside, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Journey




Oxenfree or Abzu (made by Journey team)


might play Life Is Strange or Fallout 4 first.


Borrowed SPLAToon 2 but I can’t really work out what I think. Initially was keen and was winning loads and continually coming top.of my team so it seemed fairly simplistic but that seems to have stopped. Fiddled about with gear and weapons a bit but it seems very finnicky and I’m struggling to see where tactics come into it. Will persevere to see how I get on but I’m glad at this point that I haven’t purchased it. Maybe a couple of more days plugging away will enlighten me of its charms.


The charm of Splatoon for me is the moment you realise the goal is painting the ground, not shooting the other team. I’ve always enjoyed running around on my own away from the frontline making sure I’ve got all the corners with my roller/gun/paintbrush.

Things like setting up teams this weekend based on gherkin Vs gherk-not add to that charm that differentiates it from your standard shooter.


It’s mostly painting the ground I’ve been doing. I like its quirkiness but we’ll see if it livens up a bit when I get into ranked battles etc… Heard salmon run is good fun so keen to try that at some point.


Aye, looking forward to that being unlocked too. Ultimately it might not be for you, but if you’re tried that, maybe see if it works for you better as a traditional third person shooter?


I was listening to a podcast the other day and they got to talking about the visual ugliness of Deus Ex, which is a commonly held opinion that I’ve never quite got. It’s clearly dated, though (and I assume this is nostalgia talking) I’ve always found (and I thought this when I last played it in 2012) the environments to still be really evocative, complementing the excessive amounts of detail contained everywhere else in that game. I like the lo-fi look of it, pallies.

How relevant is this? Not very.


As we’re hurtling towards a dystopian future where we get augmented with machine I’d argue it’s more relevant than ever


So who’s playing monster hunter? I’m really torn about it.

At the moment I’ve only sunk a few hours in and it’s yet to click with me but I don’t want to start bashing it TOO much as I have had this experience before, especially with RPGs that have gone on to give me a lot of joy (Hated dark souls on my first attempt, gave up early and it was only later that I got it).

However, Monster Hunter is irking me. Main irks include:

-the thing seems set up ENTIRELY around online multiplayer to an annoying degree (e.g. each mission is a ‘session’ and it defaults everything to setting up an online session which it then doesn’t populate if you play solo). This extends as far as making every mission impossible to pause which is infuriating if you are playing solo and you’ve got kids etc making demands on you or knocks at the door.

-despite the above it seems ludicrously complicated to actually do online co-op with your friends. Spent an hour messing around with a friend of mine before we managed to collaborate at all. There are all kinds of hidden rules like everyone must have watched the same cutscenes before you can do co-op arggghhh…

-The sheer complexity of the various systems (research points! paladin levels! etc etc) which isn’t a totally new thing for RPGs just make it harder to dip into on a casual basis (despite the fact that the story being broken into a series of discrete hunts would support exactly this play style).

Lots of pluses though. it looks gorgeous, the weapons are fun and the monsters have heft and personality.

I will try to dedicate more time to it in half term and see how I get on.