A gaming thread for 2019



Played 6 hours. The online is super frustrating. Agreed

But there is something deliciously moreish about the whole thing. I only do one or two hunts T a tome and find myself thinking it’s the ideal way to play. I’m slowly learning the systems and not finding one or two hunts a day a hurdle to learning. In fact i think it helps. I did watch a stream or two though with a streamer I enjoy whose experienced at the monster hunts which helped me grasp the systems much quicker


Multiplayer is deffo geared towards non story missions though. It’s super easy to join any other type of hunt.


Getting shadow of the colossus remaster when i get home


So why when you go on story missions does it always start creating parties and searching for players and all that rigmarole? And why can’t you blinking pause missions? I would be so much happier if it was a single player experience (with the option to then create a party, ask for some help, with the distress flare if required - like dark souls does with its co-op).


Anyway will persevere.


What’s your psn. I want to go hunts


My understanding is that despite the single player option, it’s designed purely to be a multiplayer co-op game. From the reviews I’ve read once you hit the 10hr mark or so, playing on your own becomes impossible as the game is balanced on you having a full team of players. That’s probably why it’s trying to force you into joining parties.


The game actually has 2 difficulties. One for solo play and one for multiplayer. It scales depending on how many people are playing so playing solo isnt a problem.


Oh, I stand corrected. That’s good to know because I like the look of it but can’t be arsed with online co-op generally so had pretty much crossed it off my list.

In that case, would going offline solve the problem?


Okay so you can create a private lobby and do it that way
Or you can just play the game in a public lobby and not wait for players to join your game (which you can do) I believe you can also password protect your game in a public lobby. Co-op is easy to join though as you’re in a lobby at all times and people post quests and if you fancy doing multiplayer you just click join quest and it’ll list all active ones in your lobby.

If you’re doing a map solo and getting your arsed kicked you can fire an sos flare which then opens the game up to the whole world


Your first irk has removed it from my list of games to buy.


None of those things are game breaking considering the wonder of a game it is. I’ve found multiplayer really great, when I want to jump in on a game I’ll just look at the SOS’. I’ve not tried the friend co-op though as my mates got it on XBone. The systems can get a bit confusing but largely, it’s really not that bad and it a simpler version of their previous systems. The complex systems will come into their own in the late game and, I think you’ll be glad of them then!


This. Also, over my 50 hours I’ve not had one person randomly join my quest when I post it. They’ve only joined when I’ve sent up an SOS. When they have, they’ve been friendly and helpful. Lovely community.


His first irk in inaccurate. The game can be played offline, can be played solo. But it is most enjoyable in multiplayer. I’ve had a lot of fun playing mostly solo (I’ve joined 2 public games)


would anybody like Project Cars 2 for PS4? tenner? swapsies?


I’m just ‘scagden’ if that’s enough info for hunt squad team ups. I won’t have much hunting opportunity this week but next week’s half term!


It CAN be played offline but it seems to be set up to revolve primarily around online co-op. The inability to pause when playing solo, for example, shows where its priorities are.

It reminds me really of my experience with the original Destiny in this regard: it is possible to play alone but all the systems seem to have been made for online multi-player.


Just been reading a piece about PS4 Pro Supersampling on EuroGamer and it’s made me realise how fucked the whole console experience is getting. Basically it’s a system-wide feature that you appear to need to turn on and off depending on the game to get the benefits of the Pro. console. Works really well for some games and others it turns into sluggish messes. Isn’t that the kind of thing you buy a PC for? Wasn’t the console experience supposed to be that you just plug it in and everything works nicely?


I think @Antpocalypsenow has it for the Switch, maybe?


I do and I really love it @TKC

It’s a really odd game with some quirks that you’ll either find unbearable or endearing but I think it’s a great little oddity and it holds up well.


This is basically why I ditched consoles this gen. They’re basically locked, un-upgradeable PCs now. Apart from the Switch all they offer over the PC is the odd exclusive.

(Of course ‘the odd exclusive’ includes Bloodborne which upset me greatly but that’s by the by).