A gaming thread for 2019



properly went weird and bought a ds xl and every castlevania 2nd hand. goodbye world (for about 3 months)


I’m on the verge of selling it I think.

It’s enjoyable and I love complex RPGs where I can spend a lot of time in the stats/development trees etc. but I completely agree with your point that it’s too hard to dip into on a casual basis. A hunt is minimum 30mins with no pausing or saving and I have a fairly busy life at the moment which means I won’t be able to play for 3-4 days. Then I’ll get anxious about not playing it, not feel much achievement when I can only do one hunt a night and not get the drop I want and feel frustrated.

It’s amazing how the Switch has changed my gaming habits in relation to dipping in and out, playing on the couch and not needing the TV. Surely with the track record on the 3DS (and the success of the Switch) there’ll be a Monster Hunter coming soon?


Going to avoid the ususal thinly vieled/TV joke…

I completely agree on this. I cannot imagein ever owning a console that isn’t like the Switch now. It’s like a bolt of lightning. Even my wife likes it, as it frees her up to watch some shitty telly when she wants without feeling bad as I can just jump on Rocket League and be terrible.

I can’t imagine anytime in the future commandeering the telly for a game for 20+ hours solely now.


What’s great as well is with a PS4 game like Monster Hunter, I’ll plough 15-20 hours in, lose interest because of a delay, not having the access to the TV and completely lose momentum and stop playing. This has happened with MGSV, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, FF XV, Persona 5 and now MH - all great games that I don’t have the capacity to finish and ultimately trade-in.

Bought a Switch and within 3 months I’d almost completed Mario Odyssey, poured 45 hours into Zelda and finished two main storyline quests in Skyrim.

It’s going to be tough for Microsoft and Sony to compete in the future for the ‘casual’ gamer attention I think. My current experience with Monster Hunter now makes me think that I’m pretty much Switch only from now on…


Can’t remember where I read it, but I heard the reason it’s called Monster Hunter World rather than Monster Hunter 5 is possibly because Nintendo has the rights to any numbered sequels.


Fingers crossed! They’d be daft not too considering the apparent success of this version…


Capcom though :man_shrugging:


Oh it’ll come. Don’t you worry. Handhelds are popular in Japan due to lack of space in apartments and monster hunter does ball breakingly high numbers in Japan. It’s the only game to break 1 million sales on the ps4 I think I read.

It’s a proper phenomenon over there. So much so that thinking a new Monster Hunter won’t come on switch would be silly


Lest we forget, Capcom are effectively the EA of the East. If they think they can sell more than 10000 copies by porting something (no matter how badly) or adding on some highly priced pointless DLC, they’ll give it a go. It’s why there’s approximately 850 versions of SFII out there now.


Why haven’t they translated the Japanese MH Switch game to English for the West?!


Probably because Monster Hunter had very limited success outside of Japan until world which is succeeding in a way previous itterations havent come close to.


MH X didn’t sell particularly well in the west and MH XX underperformed in Japan (probably because of the focus on MHW).

I’m sure the next game in the series will come on Switch and worldwide.


Playing Hyper Light Drifter. Not a clue what’s going on.


It’s pretty hard.


Yeah gotten my ass kicked a few times which is all well and good but err… what the hell am i meant to be doing?


Think you’re just supposed to pick a direction and keep going. I went North.


I’m going west i think (alright pet shop boys). I have collected some triangles and fought some ninja ghosts.


Honestly can’t remember what the objective of the game was, just remember it looking and sounding cool af.


why am I thinking of buying enter the gungeon again on switch/!?


Love how it’s like here’s a new enemy on its own so can learn how to fight it. Next room: HERE’S 18 OF THEM!!!