A gaming thread for 2019



I like the Shadow of the Colossus remake. On number 12.


Have they fixed the controls?


i’ve accidentally gotten quite good at Fortnite Battle Royale. There goes my gaming life for 2018


I’ve given up on monster hunter world for now. Just not doing it for me.

Playing Psychonauts for the first time since 2005.not a remaster so it’s got that irritating fuzziness of sd picture on an HD TV but, that minor quibble aside, it is GLORIOUS.


Need to play Pyschonauts again, have great memories of playing it when it came out.


I should play Psychonauts, as a big fan of Tim Schafer’s adventure games (even considering Broken Age was ultimately something of a disappointment).

Resi is hitting its stride. Playing it feels like completing a jigsaw but with zombies and evil dogs trying to stop your hand from setting the pieces down. Also, a bit of a dickhead saving system


Downloaded Rime for free on psn this month, is it worth investing time in?


I borrowed HZD off a mate and I’m very much enjoying it. The robot dinosaur combat feels really gritty and responsive in a way that a lot of games like this don’t, the sound design is fucking great. Thought I was done with open world games (not played Zelda) but this has obviously refined a lot of the issues I had with them. Great backstory and protagonist too.

In summary I’m angry that someone didn’t lend it to me sooner.


Supposedly yeah. General consensus seems to be many people bounce off it because the opening hours are a bit dull and it’s a bit patchy performance wise, but the final few hours are regarded as brilliant by the few people I know who have beaten it.


I’m playing it now and it’s giving me the absolute best adventure vibes, where it’s fairly big and open but simplistic enough that you don’t feel too daunted. It’s also got that vagueness to it that makes you feel like it’s more of an experience than a game. And the music is so majestically haunting that I’m actually considering getting the soundtrack, which I never do with games. I’m enjoying it basically! It’s like a cross between Windwaker and Ico with a bit of Journey thrown in for good measure. I think it looks stunning as well - the first time nightfall fell I made all sorts of weird sounds of wonderment!


Colour me excited. I’ll get on it


Certainly for free you could do a lot worse!


Tbh it’s more of a question of time than money. Don’t have a huge amount of gaming time so not worth wasting it!


Totally understand! I’m in exactly the same boat. Depends what your gaming requirements are then - if it’s something that’s not too taxing and a pleasure to play then this’ll suit!


still feeling the same way about Zelda: Wild Breath. it’s a very well desgined open world game, with some great systems etc. it is quite repetitive though, I doesn’t really feel like there’s anywhere near enough interesting stuff to do to justify how large it is. if I wasn’t playing with my housemate I’d probably give up on it. the writing is terrible as well, I know most people don’t play zelda games for that but it annoys me. I gotta say I don’t understand why people said it’s one of the greatest games of all time, it makes no sense to me at all.

I picked up Final Fantasy IX again for the first time in a few months and couldn’t remember at all what I was doing. Why the fuck am I in Alexandria again?! anyway I had to read a walkthrough to work out what was going on. great game


Just warped back to the beginning of HLD to buy powerups but now cant warp back wo where i was and have to do the whole section again? :rage: fucking sucks that they dont explain any of the mechanics at all.


the aesthetic in that game is great though!


yeah it looks and feels super nice, just wish there was a bit more to latch onto coz it just kinda feels like walking around bashing things. am enjoying it though. beating the first boss (after 30 attempts) was very satisfying.


yeah I just really enjoyed the atmosphere and sparse music as I wandered around. Not an especially long game either so doesn’t feel like it outstays it’s welcome


it reminded me of fez a bit so I loved it