A gaming thread for 2019



Everyone playing fortnite then? I’m shite but it’s a great game


are you much of a zelda fan generally? i think most of the 10/10!!! type reviews were mostly from zelda fans who finally got to see it go open world. was kind of the opposite for me, prefer the sorta gain-item-to-progress and actually having a story zeldas. breakable weapons is probably my biggest irk in modern gaming.


I never had any nintendo consoles, and I’ve only played Ocarina of Time, last year. it was good, still quite sprawling but had more focus. BOTW is still pretty good mostly, but I find the reaction to it a bit baffling. I think I’m a bit sick of open world games currently.


I think Wind Waker is a better gaming experience than BOTW #hottake




For me I think there’s just a beautiful simplicity and focus on the moment in BoTW that you don’t get in most open world games or Zelda generally. I mean traditional Zelda is great but the worlds never really feel like an actual place to me just zones there to contain a dungeon/item etc.

Just little things like the occasional piano motif as the sun rises over a great vista and the feel of moving through the grass and chopping down trees etc feels way more tangible than any other open world game. Comparing it to Horizon Zero Dawn which I also really like, the latter definitely feels like an open world template with great animation and lighting.


Yeah same. I liked it but had some problems with it. OoT is GOAT, they’ll never beat it.


Still can’t get into SPLAToon 2. It’s charming as hell but I don’t find it very fun to play.


just finished the Wipeout HD part of Omega Collection, forgot how annoying races against the AI on Phantom & Elite difficulty can be. was just about to win one race, literally within sight of the finish line, then got hit by a missile and finished 4th, was Mario Kart/blue shell all over again. another I scuffed the wall on the exit of the last corner whilst leading and blew up. not happy.


man that game got stupid hard I remember playing it loads back in the PS3 days.

Those zone modes were amazing though and I imagine are even more blistering on PS4


zone’s still great, got up to like zone 90 on one of the 2048 tracks (Sol, helps a lot not having many walls) and it was epic. think they’re releasing/have released a VR mode, would definitely give that a go


Loved this game, interesting story and lots to see and do along the way

Especially enjoyable when you skill up a bit more and aren’t scared to fight any stupid dang robot in your way!


Man, I had no idea Hollow Knight would be so big. I thought I was in for a nice 8-9 hour journey, a quick little game to tick off my backlog list. Nope. 25 hours in I’m still finding new stuff. I’ve got to the last boss but there’s still a bunch of places I’ve never seen, hidden bosses to beat, weird little insect friends to make.

And I’ve loved every minute so far. It’s up there with the very best metroidvania/action platformers I’ve ever played. When it gets it’s Switch release I strongly recommend all you Nintendo types give it a go.


I took down my first thunderjaw last night, albeit in the most cowardly way possible (a combination of traps and standing on top of a nearby hill where it couldn’t reach me, spamming it with arrows). Used up all of my resources but it was so satisfying standing next to its massive, massive corpse.


I reinstalled Elite Dangerous this weekend. Apparently I’d already played it for 30 hours, which was news to me. I can still remember how to get around places, though, and past Epimer bought a Viper Mk III at some point, so that’s… good?

Do I need any of the expansion stuff? I was just space couriering last night to get used to the controls and stuff. No idea what I want to actually, y’know, do.


Really looking forward to this. I’m waiting for the Switch release.


I took down a Thunder Jaw last night too (as part of the hunter lodge quests). First few times didn’t go that well so I ended up hiding behind a rock where it couldn’t get me sniping at it. The Tearblast weapon was great for removing it’s parts.


The Horizons DLC lets you go down onto planets and stuff. Definitely worth picking up in a sale at some point. I’ve barely done any planetary exploring but sitting on a desolate moon watching the sunrise is kinda beautiful.

The next season of DLC is free I believe as well so you’re not gonna get rinsed for something else as soon as you’ve bought it.


The tearblast arrows are a perfect example of the sound design I mentioned earlier. It’s so when you land one in-between a robot dinosaur’s shoulder blades and all its bits drop off.


As a Souls fan I think you’ll dig it . It maybe wears it’s Souls influences a little too brazenly on it’s sleeve at times but the world building aspects they’ve nicked from it work brilliantly in a metroidvania context.