A gaming thread for 2019



I think my favourite thing was taking down bandit camps - just hiding in bushes sniping away, never to be seen!


It is truly a fantastic game, I actually think it might be the best in the genre.

For some reason I can’t remember, I stopped playing after about 25 hours (think I went on holiday) and am too daunted by map size and controls to jump back in. This does mean I get to do it all over again on Switch though.


I’m not quite ready to make that bold a claim but I can’t remember enjoying one so much since Super Metroid itself. And I’ve no idea how well that’s aged.


Yeah, I had the same experience. Got really over-awed by the map size and couldn’t work out where to go. Awesome game though, and they keep adding more free DLC to it.


I absolutely loved it, but just didn’t feel like the sort of game you can jump back into after a break with any great confidence. That and my mind isn’t as sharp as it once was for this sort of thing.

I got it on PC launch weekend, so by the time the Switch version releases it’ll be decently out of my memory and will include all the DLC, so I’m very happy to jump back in.

Plus the price was obscenely low, so I’m very happy to throw some more clams their way.


Yeah, I feel a bit like I’ve robbed them now. Had no idea it was so massive when I snagged it on sale. And all the DLC is free! Madness.

I left it for a few weeks at one point myself and it was a struggle to get back into it (especially as I’d left myself deep into a new area without finding the map). It’s a testament to how good it is that I persevered - I’ve got a huge backlog and a terribly atrophied attention span so I’m usually happy to ditch a game when the first reasonable excuse to do so comes along.


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More Resi HD stuff:

  • A few times I’ve thought the game was expecting more from me so have had to look up walkthroughs because some of the puzzles have been so simple. Opening the jewellery box by pressing the right switches on the side, when I’d spent ages looking for some kind of UV light or something because the clue is “the sunshine will wake me up” or whatever.
  • Getting mauled by zombies because of the dickhead camera being a dickhead has happened a fair few times.
  • Been watching footage of the original game; the HD remake definitely seems like a good call to me. I feel like that original version would be borderline unplayable with no analogue stick controls and whatnot.
  • Uncovering more bits of the house is so satisfying. Spooky jigsaw, pal.


Sounds like that’s just about the most complicated Resident Evil puzzle I think I’ve heard of.


I remember a similar puzzle in Code Veronica that stumped me for HOURS.


It’s great to think this remake is actually 16 years old. Amazing visuals


I know, I might have to look up the GameCube version bc this PS4 port looks superb. I was saying to my friend earlier though: I envy the alternate universe where the original Silent Hill games got this treatment.


That’s offensive to my people. Tank controls for life!


(Runs away, smoothly turning a corner in the process)


Been absolutely blitzing Wolfenstein New Order then New Colossus the last few nights. Not sure that lumbering around with huge Lasergewehrs obliterating hordes of OTT Nazi mechs and soldiers will ever get old. Can see how Wolfenstein influenced DOOM and vice versa. Glorious, beautiful chaos.


sees zombie. Turns away. Steps forward. Screen angle changes. Walks into wall. Panics, rotates 540° on the spot. Death.


Haha n00b


In the Grim Fandango Remaster there’s a trophy called “The Right Way” that you get for playing the game with tank controls.


I finished this the other day, weird game, the story is absolutely batshit mental and gets more excessive as it goes on, but the actual gameplay never really develops beyond shooting the same limited number of enemies in the same dark corridors over and over again. You go to Roswell and Venus but the levels you play in those areas are almost exactly the same. Not bad but not as good as the last one. Watching Hitler piss into a bucket is definitely one of the strangest gaming moments I’ve ever experienced.


Funny - literally since I posted earlier on it’s been annoying me more and more and I’m inclined to agree with your points! I think I’m about halfway through, and this happens A LOT: I sneak into an area and take out the Kommandants, invariably am spotted, completely swamped by enemies and killed, try that a couple more times, fail, then give up and go in all guns blazing. It definitely seems harder than the last one - dying a lot more on same difficulty. The first one never got tedious whereas this one’s really starting to wind me up now!