A gaming thread for 2019



Fancy starting a Final Fantasy game tonight, can’t decide which one though. What should I go for?

  • FFVI
  • FFIX
  • FFX
  • FFX-2

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VI or IX




I bet you’re an VIII man aren’t you…


never been so offended in my life


I would wait a bit till you’re well into it. Landing on planets is great and everything but they are a bit bland. It does mean you get access to the engineers though who make ships better.

Set yourself a target, a certain ship or a ranking up a faction. If you don’t there is little point to the game. There is new update coming soon, I’m rather looking forward to getting my HOTAS out again.


My Monster Hunter problem is real. I’ve been off sick since it’s release so I’ve been bed bound. I’ve put in 100 hours and I watched the credits roll on Sunday night. It’s got be one of the best value for money games I’ve purchased in ages…

I still want to play it more as well. It’s an outstandingly fun game, I get the hype now.


100hours! Jesus!! I’m almost at 10 ! Loving it though l. Will try sometime for some more tonight


VIII IV life


I’m currently playing IX so I went for that


Honestly, I’ve bed bound for 5-6 days with one thing or another. So I’ve been grinding it to death. Still love it. I hit a few difficulty walls so my numbers are inflated but I think the story mode is an easy 60-70 hours.


it’s a shame XII isn’t on there but from your list it’s definitely IX!


I wasn’t sure whether to confess in the ‘normal things you’ve never done’ thread but I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game.




I would like to play through XII again at some point, I enjoyed it when it came out. I just listed the games I already own as I’m trying not to spend money on games at the moment!


And me. I’m intrigued but not enough to put in the hours and months.


Tried playing VII recently and it was dross, can only assume it’s raw nostalgia that make people gush over it.

I’m not trolling.


Pretty much what I’ve been saying for 15 years. I get the love for it, at the time it was the first cinematic game, but yeah it’s not that good.


oh ffs ahm oot


I mean 6 and 9 are great and worthy of the praise FF games of old get.