A gaming thread for 2019



Disagree . First played it in 2012 and my tv played it in 2014 and loved it. But does depend how tolerant you are of that style



I’ve managed to get a load of fan-made Dungeon Keeper levels to work, so just been playing them. Who needs good graphics/dialogue/all that other shit when I can set up lava traps with guard posts and have an army of vampires?


ix is so good. For a split second I was excited that youd got it running on Switch somehow.
Cmon hackers get your shit together :grinning:


It would be great on the Switch! I do still like the vita as my portable system as it fits in my coat pocket. Been playing on the train this morning :grinning:


Spyro Trilogy Remaster coming to PS4 this year. Nice. Always preferred 2 and 3 to any of the Crash games.


They were my favourite of that type of game growing up, but then I never owned a Nintendo console.


Amazon has a bunch of vouchers

  • £5 voucher for games over £35 VG5OFF35
  • £10 voucher for games over £75 VG10OFF75
  • £20 voucher for games and consoles over £150 VG20OFF150


You can only spend them on Japanese dating sims, though.


There are other types of games?


already tempted to get a Switch, £20 off plus i have a load of Amazon vouchers too. HMMMMMMMM.


doesn’t work when i try to buy a Switch. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Odd. Both the Neon and Grey switches are listed as qualifying products.


Korean dating sims.


Buyyyy buyyy


maybe it only works with just the console? i added the Mario Kart 8 bundle to my basket, put in the code and it didn’t like it.

i really shouldn’t get one tbh, but i feel like it’s inevitable that i will, so i should pounce while there’s a decent offer to be had. maybe.


best way to play PS1 games for sure


U got it buddy!


Oh, yeah… I don’t think the bundle is part of the deal - only the consoles on their own.


It’ll just be the console as the bundle ones are a bit special and have download codes with them most of the time.