A gaming thread for 2019



Really hope Jurassic World is Good. It’s been a dream since I was a little kid to be a competent John Hammond. Gonna make a t-rexoraptor or a Spinollasaurus I reckon.

Saddest post of the day but idgaf :sunglasses:


This on ps4 store? Gonna have to give it a look methinks.


oh pomo was a typo

(I don’t think my expectations will be met either way though)


The damned


I know what they mean tho, I’m terrible at rocket league but even if I’m getting merked 10-0 and my team vote to forfeit I refuse to. Honour demands you stay in the game!


Tis indeed! It’s pretty short - just one scene, but you get a taste of the flava.


So I’ve not done that, but I have spent all of my XP which (duh!) has made the last hour quite a lot more enjoyable…


What difficulty are you playing it on


Between whatever the default is and God of War. It’s immediately become more fun now I’ve unlocked a couple of skills and have a heavy attack upgrade which is giving me more time when fighting mobs.


Tried the demo. Strikes me as having the same problem LA Noire did, in that the dialogue options are so vague they’re virtually meaningless, and what your character says has very little resemblance to the option you chose. Very annoying when you’ve spent ages investigating the scene and planning an approach. Basically begs you to read a guide to learn how to get the best outcome, which is a game killer for me.


Just finished god of war. Really enjoyed it


I haaaaaate that in games. Fucks me off no end. What I did like was the reconstruction stuff to glean more evidence and improve your chances. Really can’t see much replay value in it either, like all his games. Maybe I’m wrong in this instance but I’ve been burnt too many times to want to put the effort in anymore.


Oh, so you’re that guy. I made a vow to myself that if I ever met you I’d say terrible things but you seem like a good egg. Curses.

Just quit already! I have other games to lose!


Finally started Wolfenstein: The New Order months after buying it on the PSN sale. Woo hoo! In part because I have this stupid rule of completing whatever I’m playing first (Mass Effect 3 which I found a bit of a slog) and being helplessly addicted to PES MyClub (the F2P version of course, what a peasant)

Anyway really refreshing to play a game which you can just go in all guns blazing due to the health system but can also be played stealthily, also a nice change of pace from cover shooting in ME3.

Although I did feel a bit of an idiot at the start in the plane where it’s saying DO THIS DO THAT and I didn’t have a clue where anything was.


Anyone got any recommendations for PSVR? Getting it for my b-day and I’m ridiculously excited for the possibilities! On my radar is: Wipeout, Moss, Skyrim, Doom, either Gran Turismo or Driveclub, Resident Evil (and some adult nappies), and that bomb defusing game. Are there any decent space sim games around? Shit, I just remembered I’ve got Bound as well! Should be sublime!


I used to do exactly this, but I realised I stopped enjoying a lot of games after a certain point - most get very repetitive or exhaust themselves mechanically. Maybe backlogs had something to do with it as well. Wolfenstein’s good! And you’ll get through it pretty quick!


haven’t played the VR version of it but Wipeout is awesome and only hear super good things about it in VR


Username/ post

I have a similar problem though.


Gah, can’t wait!


Tha fucking wolverines! Bastards!