A gaming thread for 2019



Has anyone here played Lisa? Just amazing. So good. Something to go into blind!


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes? Played this with my family over Easter (not in VR though) and had a great time with it.


prey is a love letter to pretty much every immersive sim ever. it even has ‘looking glass’ labs in it ffs


Yeah, that’s the one! Such a great concept!


Really in to God of War. I’m not great at the combat, mostly because I can’t remember all the tricks at my disposal, but when it clicks it’s brilliant, with a lot of different ways to approach a fight. The scenery is breathtaking and Atreus is very sweet boy.



Boy! is my fav new meme.


On the second play through of Nier during the bit where you see the recording of your settings menu. Turns out I went to the bathroom at one point and left a button held in. Not sure how much longer this’ll go for or if I should just skip the cut scene


Also absolutely loving God of War :grinning:

Still in early stages but man, the combat is great. Hacking away with the axe, turning to hurl it into a skull, blasting some more enemies back with some rune power shit, battering them with fists and shield before whizzing the axe back into your hand and swinging away again feels even better than you expect. Starting to get a DOOM-ish sense of glorious, brutal, flowing combat. And the brilliant world-building, visuals, non-shit actually helpful companion… can’t wait for housemates to fuck off to bed so I can get stuck back in


Fixed that for you


Haha. My mistake!


bet it’s just another generic triple A game patting itself on the back for having the thinnest sliver of story


Like The Last of Us, you mean?


no idea I didn’t play that but I imagine so yeah.


Oh for fucks sake. Love the idea of people not being allowed to enjoy a game because it wasnt made by two penniless blokes in a garage.


It absolutely is not this. The story (so far hasn’t even been the draw for me) it’s the world building and fantastic attention to detail and innovative game structure (as in no loading screens, no hard camera cuts, it’s all ‘single take’)

Not to mention the faithful adaption of the source mythology and a sense of adventure and boss battles that aren’t confined to a small designated part of the map but rather can span several miles (again without any camera cuts) it truly doesn’t feel like anything else I’ve ever played in terms of presentation. Also there are a lot of puzzles ala Tomb Raider, some nice quiet and somber moments and the combat is broken up enough that it never becomes repetitive and there is always a sense of danger. I loved BOTW but for me this nails the sense of adventure even more so than that game did.


watched the giant bomb quick look, looked really generic. I get it he has a son but that seems like a really patronising and insulting short cut to emotional weight


I’m sure it’s fine like a big dumb generic Marvel movie is fine but it’s a little depressing to see people fawning over a big dumb gorefest in this particular way, like there’s no acknowlegdement that it’s a stupid premise and Kratos is a pointless misogynistic sack of shit.


I guess people throw millions of pounds at alt-right shit like PUBG and CSGO too though so it’s not really fair to single this one out


there’s very few things in life anyone should enjoy really


I think you’re basing your opinion entirely on assumptions and that’s a very dangerous way to form opinions. And narrow minded.

For the record, I’ve NEVER been a fan of God of War, this version of God of War is best in class in a lot of ways. And yes the first 5hours, whilst very good, are not the game people are fawning over. Everyone whose played it will tell you it doesn’t REALLY become the great game it is until you activate access to multiple worlds. The Giant Bomb part covers early in the game, it’s fun to play and has a couple of awe inspiring moments but you’re very much in the tutorial/early stage in the quick look.

Stop being so dismissive of other peoples opinion simply because you saw 45mins of gameplay