A gaming thread for 2019



so at some point it stops being an angry bald man eviscerating stuff?


starting to feel like it’s some crazy echo chamber group think thing that we’ve all convinced ourselves the level of purposeless violence in video games is fine


I thought then when watching an Unprofessional Friday and they were all like “oh erm Japanese porn game geez, sleaze, irony joke time!” because of the discomfort but there’s literally no attempt to analyse the violence in games


Angry bald man is actually less angry in this game but still angry but the emotional depth is that he frequently shows restraint because he now has to care for BOY! So in that regard it’s a subtle story arc that is never outright spelt out to you and is only observational for those who have played earlier games.

Also, it isn’t room of room of bad guys like the game suggests and Kratos IS an established character. However, the entire story development/arc is BOY! He’s the one that grows and changes and in some great ways. There are also somber moments, whimsical moments and beautiful moments which aren’t built into the whole BOY and FATHER story crutch. Usually from the excellent cast of side characters which cover a large spectrum of personalities.


fair enough I guess it’s just kind of a tipping point for me of everyone being positive on such an intensely violent game.


like I watched a bit of Giantbomb the other day and everyone was laughing at kicking a dead dog in the head down a hill. Imagine that was a child? Where’s the difference? It’s quite disturbing when you stop and think about it


I mean I like violent games too but I’ve been indoctrinated since childhood, it’s really bad that I’ve been robbed of my right to judge this stuff properly too. I can’t even trust that my own opinion is correct.


… so what?

If it’s a good game it’s a good game, it’s not in poor taste at all.

People can enjoy something because it isn’t a doey eyed indie adventure or toned down family friendly adventure. A well designed game can take form in many different ways, you being angry because a violent game is getting the praise just shows you have a very dismissive and presumptive attitude towards video games and as a result can not form an opinion that isn’t heavily clouded by your own preconceptions. So why are we even having this conversation. Especially when you’re calling a game out for being violent whilst playing games like GTA V which has far less justified violence in it.


This, and @GrandMoffTarkin’s comment above, might be the comments which sell me this game.


I don’t really even like the GTA games anymore, it’s very unsettling


I mean I’m talking about questioning gratuitous violence for it’s own sake, it’s not really presuming, that’s the whole point of games like this. Don’t you ever criticise things you like or feel guilty for enjoying them?!


I don’t feel guilty for killing God’s, Demons, Spectres and Possessed Dogs or guys that want to eat me because they’re crazy, hungry and possesed… no. Especially when all I wanted to do was scatter mothers ashes from the top of her favourite mountain and protect boy.


what if they created the classic good vs evil story so you could enjoy seeing entrails being torn out of living creatures etc?

I know GoW isn’t alone in this but it really gets weirder as the years go by to praise emotional storytelling alongside this kind of stuff, especially since the story can only ever be written as a vehicle to deliver the violence y’know?


Violence can be part of an emotional story. It’s been in emotional stories since the beginning of time.

I know you don’t like him but he verbally delivers the argument against Narrative Dissonance accusations just because it’s violent.


feels like since the beginning of time we’ve just been dressing up our own desire to murder and maim and scapegoating certain things for this purpose.

I don’t really know how you can address the subject well within a violent video game, it feels like the idea of the player being at fault for enjoying the violence will never be on the table to address or if it is it will be explained away with a necessary evil to fight a la Nazis etc, which is a fair argument but it might be worth looking a layer deeper and ask if the binary evil was created to remove guilt from the player.

It’s probably more the press and stuff that I’m more disappointed with in this case rather than the specific game itself as it seems like we’ve all just said “well yes of course there’s nothing wrong with gratuitous violence” and removed this from the equation


Kratus has and always has been an anti-hero. He is written as an equal evil.

Also it has happened before, the entire concept of Spec Ops: The Line was exactly that


that kind of makes it worse for me that the player gets to have their cake and eat it, to narratively dislike kratos but live vicariously through his actions.


spec ops the line sounds interesting though then?


(when I’m playing them these days what I enjoy the most is driving the cars around and having the little ad-hoc conversations in the cars, when it gets to the big murder missions I just want them to be over so I can go back to driving between places. Used to do loads of mucking around and causing mayhem but when I played GTAIV recently don’t think I did anything outside of the missions and playing darts/bowling. Maybe it’s an age thing)


Spec Ops: THe Line was very clever in it’s presentation

It start off as a VERY GENERIC third person shooter where you’re the American saving the day and hoo-rah’ing whilst killing Terrorists, but then it takes a turn. Your squadies start questioning what you’re doing and you’re going off the rails. It’s very cleverly developed to the point you go so far off the deep end and commit so many war crimes via mass murder that [spoiler]The ending has the American Government comes to get you, you have 3 choices. You can try and fight your way out (you will die) you can go along peacefully and get executed (you will die) or you commit suicide[/spoiler

Here is the famous scene which turns the tide, the clever thing was the game was even marketed to appear like a generic third person shooter to hammer home it’s point