A good place to discuss The Good Place

The best show on telly is back tomorrow. New episode will be up on Netflix every Friday.

Really excited to see what they do with the structure this year. The second season was exemplary and the plotting and use of the concept was astonishing. It’s like LOST if the writers had properly mapped everything out at the beginning + jokes.




I think this programme is quite good.

Very clever

Anyone listened to the official podcast? I haven’t

gave up after 3 eps, worth persisting with?

did not find it funny

liked it and then got bored

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Had no idea it was back tomorrow!!! That’s so exciting!!!

Edit: double length as well???

m8 you have no idea what you’re missing yet


Quick question. Why does the English one sound like an American doing an English accent?


In fairness, it isn’t a consistently hilarious show. I’m into it more for plot and characters rather than A+ gags. It is generally amusing though.

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I recommended the first series to a friend after watching all 13 episodes. She’s enjoying it and we have a chat about it. She’s up to episode 11 or 12. I’m Ted Danson to her Kristen Bell.


I was def Alan Partridge shrug about it at this point, too. But seriously, I just fell more and more in love with it and now it’s possibly one of my all time favourite shows?!

Edit: I think it was the Jason reveal that made me properly like, ok this show is GOOD


interested to see where it goes next as it kind of had an ending at the end of season 2

telly needs to slow down a bit in terms of giving me stuff to watch

but this is very welcome

I’ve been compared to Chidi for my total inability to make decisions

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it’s created by the same guy who did parks & rec and brooklyn 99 so I guess it depends on how much you liked them? it is v much along the same lines as those shows - amusing while not necessarily hilarious, enjoyable more due to the warmth and likeability of the characters


I think they have gone for The Adjustment Bureau route. Where Eleanor and Chidi are destined to find each other no matter what cosmic hurdles are placed between them. That’s fine by me as I’m a sucker for romantic destiny.


I watched the first two seasons of this this in about 3 days last month. Sticking Ted Danson and Kristen Bell together was such a good idea I’ve no idea why no-one had done it before.

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