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Yeah :confused: not liking this storyline but it looks like they’re about to switch to something else pretty quick


Just started watching this. Took a couple of episodes to get going, but really enjoying it now. Big fan of Janet. Gonna avoid this thread now, as don’t want future spoilers.


Haven’t enjoyed seasons 2 and 3 nearly as much as season 1 but am still watching. Came to the conclusion this morning that Chidi and Eleanor are actually higher beings torturing the bad place, or even trying to get everyone in the bad place to be good so everyone can be in the same place.


Really enjoyed this episode actually :heart:

  • special agent rick justice
  • zack pizzazz
  • professor charles brainman
  • gordon indigo

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Quite something that they’ve set this series in Australia and not cast any actual Australians. Simone’s accent is profoundly terrible.


I think I’ll probably feel about this the way I feel about parks and recreation that being it was ok but I’ll not watch it again.


I am 100% in love with Janet so I will watch this show forever as long as she’s in it.


Proper belly chuckles at ‘Jeremy Bearimy’


“That’s my birthday” :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: