A holographic portal into another dimension

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday. I wanted to share with you my holographic, live music performance, The Forest of Phantasmagorias, which we are unleashing 15th and 16th February at VAULT Festival, London.

Tinderdust’s The Forest of Phantasmagorias is a holographic, live music performance which utilises cutting- edge holographic technology within a live music setting, to transform music into augmented, holographic microcosms. The music draws on the subconscious, surrealism, and the avant-garde, and is a testament of how the mind can be awoken visually by sound, and led to alternate realities. Using forefront technology, the creatures and microcosms that exists within our songs are transformed into holograms that appear alongside us whilst we perform live, enveloping and transporting audiences into digital spheres where imagination, music, and technology intertwine!

Event details: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/the-forest-of-phantasmagorias/

Hope to see some of you there next week as a portal into a holographic dreamscape opens! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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sounds scary!

It’s not scary. I am evoking the fantastical creatures and microcosm in my music to appear as holograms alongside us whilst we perform live. Come along to the show if you’re in London on the 15th or 16th February!

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Not the @ma0sm thread I was expecting