A how do YOU pronounce it thread


I didn’t for ages. Then my wife said it when we were cooking, and I clocked it. But are you meant to pronounce it!? I can’t find a definitive answer.

  • Envelope, because that’s how it’s spelt and why wouldn’t you?
  • Onvelope, because you’re deeply odd.

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  • Graaj like graaj music
  • Ga - raj like in the ga - raj mahal
  • Ga - rage like fuck you, you fucking fuck fuck!

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The OED has it down as


Which is t-er-m-a-r-i-k

With the ‘er’ pronounced as in her.

So yes, the R should be pronounced.




Ga-ridge is probably about right for me.


I do both and have no preference


Not even the same word, m4


What the fuck is going on here?! Assume it’s some kind of deep South English joke. The third letter is R so it’s pronounced TUR-meh-RICK.

  • Choritzo
  • Cho-ri-thoh

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  • Dos servayza por favour
  • Dos thervethas por favor

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  • Pie-ella
  • Pa-eya

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I think you’ll find it’s actually pronounced ter-ma-rik, as per my OED findings above.


Told you about this before, it’s only to wind up my Spanish mate I purposely say it wrong


Yes, a London accent really is the hardest to understand.

Cool, blonde, refreshing beverage

  • LAA-grr (in touch with my dialect’s Teutonic roots but not being a twat about it.)
  • Larrrrr-gurrrrrr (I am from South of the border and thus a Brexiter.)

  • Es-trell-uh gal-is-eya
  • Es-treya gal-ith-ya

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  • Posso ak-carezzare il tuo cane?
  • Posso ccarezzare il tuo cane?

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