A kid found a python in his toilet

Off to murder a brown snake…

andrex puppy replacement found

was he sure it wasn’t just a really long jobby

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Maybe he was just well-endowed?

*leaving conference*

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Oh hey! A funny thread about that news story…

Oh Theo’s making jokes about a child’s penis. Again.


Wholesome thread ruined within three replies by serial alt-left hacktivist troll.


Related to this story: yesterday I found out what a vivarium was.

has someone hacked your account?

No, why?

exactly what hacker would say!


I mean, my post implies that I saw this story yesterday, but that I thought it didn’t deserve to be posted on DiS.

It doesn’t imply you saw it yesterday.

I mean obviously we all knew you’d already seen it. That’s not really about what you wrote though :smiley:

Sub-text, Theo.

How do we know the kid didn’t just put it there for the views?

They say the snake had been missing for two months.

Didn’t they use the loo for two months? Or did they just poo on the snake?


Finally someone’s asking the right questions.

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Achtung! I only hope he vas a clean VIPER!!!