A lady at work has offered to read my cards

Now I don’t believe in any of that. Yet it does worry me that the ‘cards’ might say you are going to be a boring office drown for the rest of yor life, the end! Imagine!

She can read mine instead if you want, I’ve got a load of Nights Watch ones in my bag today.


“You are going to travel somewhere new”

“an old friend will reappear”

Tell her you reject Satan and her.

You will come into money

“Her body was dumped near water”

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" Action: Name a trait: Builder , Ranger , or Steward . Search the top X cards of your deck for any number of characters with that trait, reveal them, and add them to your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck. X is your reserve value."

Anyone had there cards read? (Not fraudulently)

Yes, but they didn’t get the witty aside I’d written inside.

Yeah, I covered the opening of a crystals n’ shit shop and the owner offered me a reading. Can’t remember any of it, it was all generic “oh you’ll come into money later this year” nonsense.

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You will die a terrible, terrible death.


Just looked it up, seems she has semi-retired and is now working from home.

Slip over while dancing on yor grave Irons!

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Reckon she’s got a room set aside with all the gubbins set up, or is she setting out the cards on an Ikea coffee table after moving the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON coasters out the way?

I reckon she has a special table in her front room that is always prepped and ready to go.

I also like to keep a table at home clear to lay out cards at a moment’s notice. We’re kindred spirits, she and I.

Feel free to get in touch with Bev, she was very nice, a former nurse iirc

Yeah I actually have a few times, great fun!