a LIDL respect 🛒

This is the LIDL thread :partying_face: :tada: :mirror_ball: :shopping_cart:

We all know there’s demand for it. Alert your peers to Greek Week! Did you know this week they have those ice creams you get in half a coconut shell which are probably my fave nostalgia ice creams of all time?!

But this can also be the Erasure thread if you like. I’d like!


Big fan of Lidl. Fruit and veg there are far superior to Albert Heijn and usually cheaper too. We do the big shop at Lidl, hooray for Lidl!

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Campaign for a supper club based in a Lidl where they have an after party playing Erasure ONLY.

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Big Lidl news!

Two Lidls within 2km of where I live, 1.5km from each other.

“That’s too many Lidls!” I was known to say.

Well, my friends, I’ll have you know that the shittier one closed down last week :exploding_head:

LIDL have this thing each week where you can browse each week’s magazine…inside a tweet? It’s the good shit, getting the head start on what week it is.

Spanish week ftw imo

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Can never find Cup-a-Soups in LIDLS.

Where are they hiding the Cup-a-Soups?

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All hail the 69p lidl pizza slice. Budget lunch of champs.


Much prefer ALDI, the smell of LIDL bakery makes me feel a bit sick

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might go to Lidl later. very much enjoyed the selection of their Greek foods brought along by FL to out meetup.

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It’s the Other Side of town for us whereas we have two Aldi’s this side so not a regular but Cypriot friends of ours are big fans of Greek week and always remind me when it’s on. It’s right next to bowling so when the kids are at parties I go raid the bakery section.

LIDLS is miles better than ALDIS. Sorry, pal.


We joked about buying the pastéis de nata as frozen desserts from Lidl as they’d probably be awful and my wife is Portuguese.

Then, one time, we bought them and chucked them in the oven to see how bad they actually were.

And you know what? They’re not perfect, but they’re better than the ones you normally get in NL, so now they’re a regular part of the big Lidl shop!


Lidl bakery is amazing, legit best bakery of the supermarket bakery rotation.


Really love those massive frozen schnitzels they do


Shelves of the stuff here in NL.

The bread / bakery section, however, is regularly under-stocked.

Not really a fizzy pop drinker now I’ve kicked my Lucozade Orange habit, but found a cherry-flavoured fizzy pop in a LIDLS recently, and it was fucking incredible and about 50p.

Thry do bags of pistachios for about £1.25 as well, so just lay on my bed eating a whole packet of them washed down with the pop.

It’s this stuff…


The FINEST chocolate bar known to humanity (only in mini bar format though) - ladies, gents and nbs, Mister Choc hazelnut crisp fingers <3

Bad move this summer to rebrand in all brown packaging, bring back the green pls.


Putting it out there. The finest pizzas are a bit wank.

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During covid the lidl near me insisted that everyone who enters the shop use a trolley instead of a basket. Put me right off them

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Never had this, will hunt it down next time it’s Lidl o’clock.

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