a LIDL respect ๐Ÿ›’

Always a bit of disparity between Lidl NI and you folks.
Yeah proper Christmas beers would be great.

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my trusty lidl oat milk is creeping up in price - still below a quid but gone are the heady days of 80p we saw in sept 2022

Yeh there does seem to be.

They would, Iโ€™d definitely get involved! :beers:

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I must say I like that bear

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Lidl trending on twitter cos they sell chickens that were raised in poor conditions?

well of course they do

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Feel like itโ€™s only a matter of time until I buy one of these and eat it myself in one sitting.


Lidl have these delicious babies back in stock

Fao @redacted especially



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Wish it came in a can.

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ยฃ7.99 more than I pay for lobster. Rip off merchants.

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Feel like Iโ€™m letting lidl and you down by not posting thursday deals but lidl are letting me down by not running any that are worth shouting about.

Xmas be gone, we need those theme weeks back


Heading to Lidl after work.
Hungry so will get some nice snacks and something for dinner.

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pls update

Find aldi more exciting than lidl as i dont live near one

For dinner I got a big pepperoni pizza.
Most was usual shop but some fancy bits Inc a black forest cake and a few of the party foods like yakitori skewers etc.
Got a free chocolate bar with the app too.

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Good Lidl shop today.

Free bakery item with the app (i got a choc muffin).

Highlights being pepsi max rip off, some reduced craft beers, that lime and elderflower sparkling water, and more mini stollen.

My mum picked up a Lidl Christmas jumper for me today :grinning: