A lil bit of the bubbly

slightly less eyed.

OK Prof gonna level with you as I’m a mess. When a girl sends you drunk messages and sounds like a dick what do you think? Asking for a friend.

sent a girl i’m supposed to be going on a date with tomorrow a confirmatory message that comprised a gif of skeletor waving goodbye, so not sure I’m the best person to ask.

but I suspect that for a regular person, drunk messages sounding like a dick is still quite nice.

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eh, par for the course really.

is this that xmas party thing you were talking about?

if so, texts like these are expected.

It was yes. :flushed:

removing yourself from meetings - good
someone wishing you good luck in arriving home - good
being called amazing - gooooooood



Fire engine!

Yes we’ve had that one Mickey love.

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