A little thank you note


I’m not friends with all of you on Facebook so thought I’d post this thank you here.


CHeers sean for doing it!


nice one, seany


ESA! ESA! ESA! Cheers sean :+1:


Born… in the ESA!


thanks, sean :heart_eyes_cat:

let me know if you need someone to design the posters,y’know saying as i did such a good job with these ones.


Cheers Sean. Nice to see the forum still kicking.


No, thank-YOU Sean. Lots and lots of welcome improvements in the new forum.


I’m not actually on Facebook x




Fuck off pal (well done, silly)


We love you Sean x

  • rushes into thread dishevelled half-dressed *




ta Sean. despite your threats to ban me.


I got sassed by Sean too, I’m so happy!


SRSLY THO, well done sean. (and JZ and theo and etc.) I’ll shed a tear as i wave goodbye my goodbyes to the old forum, but these new boards are MARVELLOUS and so shiny. I may now actually purchase one of these “smart phones” everyone’s talking about, in order to do resume DiSing on the go! And it’s great to see some old names joining up and posting again. Great bunch of lads.


Born To Run… a music website
DiSing In The Dark


what a world, what a world


Nice touch Sean!
Obvs not on FB…