A load of people from work are out on training I believe

  1. Why wasn’t I invited (didn’t want to go anyway)
  2. What do you think the training could be?

I’ve got mental health awareness tomorrow. Maybe it is that?

foppyish awareness

  1. house training

Hopefully they were aware (lol, sorry) of how self-aware I am (very) and thought I didn’t need to go on the training.

unconscious bias

unlikely because yours is tomorrow and theirs is today

It’s quite a long way away so maybe they are travelling.

well. in absence of any other suggestions, this is the most likely scenario

this would be exactly the type of thing that would go down in our work, although there was already someone in talking about that a while ago.

I’ll shout stand up and shout out your username half way through and see how everyone reacts.

Do it and film it. Some people from work do know my username from twitter so that would work. It’s maybe dangerous having people from work know it, because I’m a dangerous man.

it’s potentially anything, the best suggestions have been 1) mental health awareness with balonz 2) unconscious bias

I would say that they are almost definitely conspiring against you, you need to act quickly, Balonz might also be involved